Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doggie 911

Okay, I know that anyone who reads this will think that I am crazy - all of my friends already do, but we have a bit of an aggression issue between our two female dogs. 90% of the time they either stay out of each other's way or they are cuddling and hanging out together. But then suddenly, they will snap and they are all over each other like a pack of wild animals. Has anyone every seen the third Look Who's Talking movie, with the dogs (don't judge me, it came out a long time ago, and I only had HBO in Wyoming)? The scene where the wolves attack them and you hear one of the wolves say "The furs gonna fly, the furs gonna fly". That pretty much explains my house. Then after I am sufficiently traumatized, they go back to life as normal.

We have started some obedience classes and we'll see how it works. I realize that this is fully our responsibility for not doing more to nip it in the bud - it's just been getting worse the last year or so, but basically I'm wondering if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this and if you have any tips. I don't want to pawn a dog off, I mean especially with these issues, you know all that will happen is she will end up being passed from home to home until she runs out of places to go, but this needs to end before any children are in the house. So by my calculations I have about a year to fix it.

Anyone else every had anything like this happen or know of any GREAT trainers, Dog Whisperers (I've emailed Cesar but have not heard back) or books, training methods, etc..... I'm all ears!!!


JAWR-G said...

Funny you should mention the wild animals in your house! I was just talking about this last night!!! You are a good dog-Mommy! I have no advice but good luck with the classes!

Michael & Elizabeth Huffstetler said...

You don't know me, and I can't remember how many blogs I read before stumbling on yours. :)
I don't really have any advice either but your house sounds a lot like mine! My oldest female dog is food aggressive. She will lay her head on her bowl at feeding time and growl the whole time while the other two eat. She's about six years old now and doesn't fight much anymore. Hope you find some help! If it's okay, I'd love to bookmark your blog.

Jenny & Troy said...

I was there for the last SHOWDOWN & I thought the cayenne pepper was totally brilliant! I hope the obedience classes help because your dogs are all so sweet. But in the end, if it continues, I will adopt Shelby. She loves me best anyway! hee hee!
Jen ;)