Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Jack Russells Attack!

This happened shortly after Shelby and Sake started on their happy pills. Shelby had been accidentally locked in Boko's room and we heard her whining from downstairs. I was in the middle of a work phone call and Boko went running upstairs to let her out. I'm on the call trying to make an appointment with the company while trying to quietly stop Boko from opening the door - Why you might ask would I not want him to let her out.

Well, it is not letting her out that it is the problem, it is letting her out of the room with Sake standing right there. Because inevitably, Shelby will be pissed off that she was "locked up" while that bitch was left to roam with the rest of us???!!! I will kill you you interloper!!! Who do you think you are??? ATTACK!!!!

Which of course is exactly what happened. However, due to the effects of the drugs it was more of a slow motion attack. So, as I am still talking on the phone, I was able to grab Sake by the color and whip her up into my left arm. Right arm still holding phone. Then they go nuts screaming and yelling at each other. This is where I have to admit defeat on the phone front, explain that I am working at home today and someone is walking by the front window - lie lie - and can I call you back in five.

Sake by this time is in full let me at her I'll tear her apart, mode, and is pushing on my arm and scratching at me. I get her downstairs and to her kennel but have to wait until I can get Shelby far enough back with one foot to be able to get Sake into her kennel without Shelby latching on to her.

Crisis averted. Dogs don't have any marks on them, no blood letting. Woo hoo. But I can tell that I have a lot of scratches on my arm. Oh well. As the day goes by I start to notice that my arm is a bit sore. But I didn't really give it any thought. I had a long sleeved shirt on that didn't really pull up so I just let it go. When Cory got home that night, and I was changing for bed, that's when we saw it. Bruising that looked like I had gone through the window of a car, when you combined it with the scratches. And it looked nasty!!!! The pictures were taken a couple of days later and do NOT give it justice.

Nothing like going to the gym and having some one actually say that domestic abuse should be considered. Sure, go ahead, call the police on Sake. I would love to hear what they have to say. I mean I do consider her a child, so there may be some ground to stand on there!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks for the Soccer Help!!

Thanks to replies, and specifically Jessica's, we are now registered for soccer. The thing is that it only lasts for one month though, the end of April to the end of May. That seemed kind of odd to me. But I can't really remember things perfectly from when I was that age.

Shan, thanks for the suggestion, but I think that is a bit too far for me!!! ;) The one I signed up for is somewhere over here on South Mountain. I will have to figure that out as I have never had a reason to go to any of these types of places before - little kid soccer fields, the public pool, etc......

And not at all on topic, some more pictures.

First day of school

Jenny and Boko hanging out.

Helping daddy shovel the driveway.

Happy Valentine's Day Boko!

Mom, look at the school clothes we bought today!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Kingdom for a Soccer Team!!

Does anyone know of soccer teams in the south end of the valley here?? Seriously, how can it be this hard to find a soccer team for 4/5 year olds in breeding central? AHHH!!

And what everyone really wants, some pictures. As we all know I am a complete slacker when it comes to photos. And although we have been taking a lot since we've been home, none of the super recent ones are downloaded. So here are some others from earlier this year. And FYI, we have only been home for like two months, so its not like they're that old and technically they are new to all of you so =)~

These are all from the limited time that we had him at the hotel with us - remote controls and light switches - Like toddler crack with a side car of Patron!!! Boko's first glass of wine.... Come on, seriously? They poured the water in there. Come on people. Sleeping on the floor at the Minneapolis airport. Not an easy thing for mommy to allow to happen and finally, entertaining ourselves by doing laps around the luggage carousel while we waited for Cory to bring the car back. Oh yah honey, forgot that my phone died, so extra laps because he thought we would be watching for him in the dark, out there in that 3rd lane of pickup at the SL airport, or even more genius, waiting outside on the curb!! Yes Boko, welcome to the 8th level of hell (Isn't that the cold one or was it 9???)

Chillin' with the doggies followed by self portraits.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Immigration Appointment

So when you travel to pick up your child in Ethiopia, you will have an appointment where you go in and meet with immigration. You take your filled in I864 - which is basically for the purposes of proving that you can afford to bring an immigrant home with you and support them. You take copies of tax returns and W2's. They make this sound much more stressful than it actually is. They coach you leading up to it on what to say and what is expected. So you go in somewhat nervous, thinking that you could say the wrong thing and mess up the whole adoption.

After lunch time, they load the kids onto the bus, which they LOVE by the way, and drive from HH over to the guest house. Oh, WHFC has their appointments on Mondays. Always. They pick up all of the parents there and you ride to the embassy. The security isn't too bad, metal detectors, you can't take any electronic devices in with you. They will take them from you at the door and keep them up front, but we just left ours at the hotel. So limited pictures from that day.

Then you are led into a waiting room. We were immediately taken from this waiting room and led outside to another building where we sat in another waiting room. This one had a tv and play area for kids. We waited in here, with some American wrestling show on, WWF, or something. Great representation of the US! Woo hoo. While we waited, the other families who had been left waiting in the other room, came in. Eventually all of them were called upstairs. We were one of the last ones to be called up.

So, the whole time that we waited, Boko was great. Patient, quiet, really good. Then when it was time to walk upstairs he threw a fit. I had to pick him up and carry him up the stairs. At the top he kept trying to run back down. Eventually the guard did something that you get used to having happen in the US. He took him from us. Not in a mean way, but in a helpful way. It is perfectly okay for a stranger to take your child from you and comfort or play with them there. You just have to go with it or else its a big cultural faux pas and adds to some of the negative feedback that you hear about Ethiopians having toward American adoptive parents.

Anyway, we go up to the counter, the guys asks us the standard questions - is this the child you agreed to adopt, have you met the family, have you given them any money...? And that was about it. Really easy and kind of pointless in the overall scheme of things.

You go back downstairs, and wait for everyone else to be done, then you load back up on the bus, and go back to the guest house. We were able to spend most of the rest of the afternoon playing with Boko there, and the other parents actually took custody of their children that day, if they wanted to.

That night, the head of the orphanage over there takes you out to a local Ethiopian restaurant for a traditional meal and dinner show, of two men and two women performing dances. It was very interesting, even if one of our dinner partners totally ruined my meal by having no idea of how they eat in Ethiopia and giving the most disgusting display of dinner manners for any country that I have ever seen. I left hungry and totally pissed off. Someday I will have to go into more details if anyone is actually interested. The honey wine actually was not as sweet as I expected it to be and a few of those helped a lot. They serve it in these things that look like beakers from a lab and I thought that it was just a serving container, especially since they were fairly large, so me and the other person who had ordered it asked for glasses to pour it into. Oh well, we definitely were not the stupidest looking people at the table!!!!!!!

That's about it. Most of the rest of our trip consisted of going to museums, visiting the lions, and playing with Boko. I'll try to tell a bit more about all of it, but I am becoming the worst blogger and want to try and catch up on more recent events too.

Let me know if there is anything specific that you would like to know about. That is if anyone out there is still reading this.