Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have a lot of random pictures from Prague. Some that I really don't think is a good idea to put on here. =) Hopefully I can remember what most of these are from.

The Kafka Memorial. I really know nothing at all about Kafka but thought that the statue was pretty interesting.

A picture of the whole medieval castle complex. I know that it is the largest medieval castle in Europe, but I don't really know a lot more about it than that, other than the a lot of the outside stuff is from the Hapsburg era (listening in on someone's tour group!)

This is a picture of the awesome little kilbasa stand that Cory and I found one of our first days there. It was just off the Charles Bridge, and when we were walking across I could smell this wonderful thing, and I was starving. We went down here and this is just a little tiny stand. A window with a half door, and a dinky little grill outside where this man was making the biggest kilbasa's I've ever seen. When we walked up this older woman was yelling at everyone, "This Czech fast food, not MAC Donald's!!" You did not want this woman to yell at you but of course we ALL got yelled at for one thing or another. Not paying before we got in line, or asking for the wrong thing. Cory asked for 2 hot dogs, and that just about killed her. Hot dogs are different, do you want a klebasa?? Yes, two of those heavenly looking/smelling things that the man who looked a little bit younger than her but was probably her husband, was lining up on the rinky dink grill and cooking while he was drinking a beer!!

Look at Cory moving up in the line for our snausages.... slowly but surely. SOOOO worth it!!!!

U Fleku. Here we are a while after Troy had ditched us. ;) This was the nice waiter, the one that could crack a smile without sneaking off for some sort of "refreshment".

No sooner did Troy leave, than Svarn had his little wooden head in his beer. tsk tsk. How does he ever expect to become a REAL boy. Lush.

What would Jimminy Cricket say???

Okay, maybe more pictures later, but I am getting a little bored with uploading these now. On a side note though, we are officially on the wait list for a referral. As of April 12. Did anyone else have a little wave of panic at this point, realizing that you are seriously going to have a child? It's not an abstract thought anymore, it's almost like being pregnant. Not quite as final as being pregnant, but still.............


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