Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday ... Ouch

So, my birthday was this last Saturday, and I don't know if its because we're adopting or what, but I partied like I was 21. And I am sore today still. And I really blame Jenny for that.

Jenny knows that I am a clumsy person. I ALWAYS have bruises on me. A lot of them come from going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, tripping over the dogs, getting a snack out of the cupboard. I have problems. Well, knowing this for x number of years, she still bought the house that she did. It is a house with five levels, and a million stairs. For someone like me it is basically a house of horrors. So of course I am sure that everyone can tell where this is going. YUP, I broke my ass. I didn't have x-rays taken or anything but I am walking around like I'm 82 instead of 32. That's okay, her birthday, we'll be in Prague..... We'll just see what happens. ;)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Posts in One Day

Talking about vacation made me start to think about today, and that, plus all of the pictures that Jenny already has on her new blog made me look up a few from an old vacation and so...

On Papeete looking at Moorea - wish I was there!!!

Look at those little urchins. The little snots would move out from under our deck every night and then go back under during the day. You had to be very careful when you got in the water!

Just a couple of pictures of my favorite beach vacation ever! I loved having the over water bungalow and the lack of sand that came with that. That is the one thing that I don't really like about going to the beach. Sand everyone. Sand in places your not even aware of. Definitely won't have to worry about that in Prague!

This is me on the South Island in New Zealand getting up close in person with a cute sea lion. Right after Cory snapped this one the seal showed me what big teeth he has, oh my, and let me know that I was definitely getting into his personal space. That is when I realized that I was one of those dumbasses at Yellow Stone trying to get an up close picture of a buffalo, moose..take your pick.

For those of you who like New Zealand wine, this is what it looks like before. =) For those of you who haven't had it, I highly recommend it. They have great Sauvignon Blancs and good Pinots too. Actually, I have not really had a bad wine from there. It is just so clean too. The air is clean and the produce is insane. We picked up sandwiches from a mall sandwich shop one day and at first I thought that there was a special sauce on mine, it was just soooo good. It was the tomatoes!!! OMG! So good. Well, I think that's enough pictures for one day. I just realized my blog was getting a little boring.

I lied, one more!!!!

Cory and I out in the rain, fishing for fresh water shrimp. We didn't catch any, too cold for them apparently, but lucky for us the restaurant right behind us had plenty!
Two more....

Yummy New Zealand Elk... I also have pictures from the elk farm right down the road. Kind of an unintentional before and after. That's it. I don't share pictures all that often though so I'm growing!


Jenny pointed out that I have not talked about our upcoming vacation. I think that is because I usually don't get too excited about it until we're at the airport about to get on the plane. But, we're leaving in about two weeks to go to Prague. We'll be there for a week and Jenny and Troy are coming a day after us to hang out before they go to Ireland and then Scotland. It's a tough life in the Routh household.

Anyway, if anyone else has ever been to Prague, please let us know if there is anything that we should not miss. Personally I'm looking forward to a relaxed week hanging out in a lot pubs. Although I want to take a train or something out one day to check out the vineyards. Apparently the Monrovian wines are supposed to be pretty good. And the buildings will be fun to see too. It is the only major city in Europe that was not attacked during any of the world wars, which is crazy, considering that Hitler was storing all of his ammunitions in a network of caves about an hour North (my mom was watching the History Channel).

So, if you or anyone you know has any suggestions, pass them along!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello Immigration....???

So, as you might be able to tell from the title of this post, still no word from immigration. Its only been 5 weeks and I've heard of some people waiting up to 4 months, so I knew it would take a while, but when I'm waiting on paperwork, I get anxious. I can't help it. It's just so bureaucratic, you know? Pointless, like the IRS.

On the bright side though, Stephanie, our homestudy case worker already finished up our addendum and has that off in the mail to us. She is so easy to work with. I had some trouble getting started with the agency itself, but seriously, if you can guarantee that you'd work with her, I recommend them highly to anyone in Utah!! I mean seriously, I just asked her on Monday if she would do the addendum and the copy and 3 notarized originals are already off in the mail to us. I even told her there was no big rush since we were waiting on the I171, but she still got it done. Wow, just think, someone who actually cares about doing their job, and is on top of it. Will wonders never cease.

Also, realized the other day that because raising the age means that we will be shaving some time off, I won't have quite as much time as I'd originally thought to work on his room. Not that it needs to be done now or even in the next six months, but people averaging a 7-9 month waiting time as opposed to 18 months, definitely raises the bar a bit. Oh well!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Something to Update

Okay, so still no sign of the I171, not that I checked the mail on Saturday, but still... So given how long that is taking and for several other reasons, not least of which is the "Operation Ethiopia" blog to the right, we have decided to change the age that we are requesting on our referral. We are just raising the age a bit, to 0-24 months, but this should reduce our wait time a bit. We just have to get an addendum to our home study, which hopefully will not be an issue.

So who thinks that I'm crazy? ;)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nothing New

I know, I'm a bad blogger, but I really don't have much to say. Nothing new on the adoption, still waiting on the I171H form to come. And then once we get that we'll have another year or so of waiting. ;) Woo hoo!!!

So for now, new job is going well, and that's about it. So boring!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tagged Again .... by Amber

You're killing me here!!! I should just send everyone to your blog to see your new hair cut! ;) Just kidding. It doesn't look that bad, at least in the pictures. I would have to see it in person though.

So, here it goes. Sorry, I don't have any additional pictures to share on this one, but just look to the right. You'll get the idea.

My Husband....

What is his name? Cory John Nannemann

How long have you been married? It will be 5 years this September, but 11 years that we've been together in August. Don't ask me the specific date. A couple of days before the anniversary of Princess Diana dying. Romantic, huh?

How long did you date? I don't know that you would call it dating. The home study lady did though, so 6 years (living together though, I mean really??)

How old is he? 31 years old, 10 months and 4 days.

Who eats more? I'd like to say him, but who are we kidding. I'm the pig!!

Who said I love you first? That was a VERY long time ago and I am old.

Who is taller? Cory

Who can sing better? I don't think I've ever heard him try, so I guess that I win by default, but that is very slim margin, let me tell you. Maybe I should give him to him on second thought.

Who is smarter? I would say me at English, remembering things etc... Definitely him at anything spatial or mechanical. If there is measuring of any kind involved I don't even try!!!

Who does the laundry? Me! Unless it is towels or something else that would be difficult to mess up. I don't think that he is complaining though. He does fold well though. Just like Victoria's Secret.

Who pays the bills? Me.

Who sleeps on the right side? Me

Who mows the lawn? Cory, although I am a hell of a weed puller and mulcher.

Who cooks dinner?
Depends. More often than not, what I am sure is an underpaid cook at any one of a number of local restaurants. At home, no one in particular, but usually me, by default of actually having the time.

Who drives? Me most of the time. I get car sick as a passenger!

Who is more stubborn? Me. Let's just leave it at that.

Who kissed who first? That I think he made the first move on.

Who asked who out first? I hit on Cory, in a bar.

Who proposed?
There was no proposal. I just decided I wanted gifts, Cory told me to find a ring, I did, some diamond broker in NY, and when the FedEx came, I ripped into and opened the ring box myself. I think that I said something like Will You Marry Me, to the ring. It was shiny!!!

Who is more sensitive?
Neither of us.

Who has more siblings? Cory definitely, but we really only see mine.

Who wears the pants? I have some on today, and I would imagine that Cory does as well, or else Heather is in for quite a surprise when he shows up to get his hair cut.

I tag Jessica, Stacie, Jamie... and whoever else would like to participate. Let me know if you actually do though, I forget to follow up on it sometimes.