Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reply to Jenny..

Before we left for Prague, Jenny had made a few comments regarding the fact that we were leaving before them. I can't find where that was now, and I had tried to post a comment on her blog from the airport that day, but my phone's browser would not let me. Kind of a pain.

Well I still saved it and I am putting it here because it gives a good description of what we went though to get out of here.

"Well Jenny, I must say that your little tirade was quite productive because it is 11:45 and I am sitting in the Wasatch Brewery Bar... Little tip, I was supposed to take off at 9:30 and currently it looks like we are another hour away from taking off for Cincinnati. Which was originally supposed to be Boston.... Prague is at least 5 hours further in the future than originally planned and I am working on a pretty good buzz.... 5 hours sleep + no food + 1.5 hours in check in 4.5 at airport now + vodka... Yup I hope you're happy now. Let's not even go into the litany of Dante inspired fiascoes that have happened so far... NO let's do, but condensed.. Packed and I mean PACKED shuttle, freaking cold, international line out the door, humanitarian aid fruit loops backing up the whole thing, screwed up kiosk, idiot agents (multiple) one of which I owe a serious ass kicking to and that lazy eyed bitch knows who she is, delayed flights, cancelled flights, and busted ass planes... AND I'M STILL IN UTAH!!! Holy shit where's the Tylenol??!!"

Maybe not as funny now but it would have been hilarious at the time if I could have gotten it to post.


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You sound like Paula Abdul on AI! Just a lot of talk, not a lot of sense! JK. Gotta love it!