Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obedience Class

So Cory is out of town on a training - for commercial trucks woo hoo! - and tonight is obedience class with Sake and Chivas. Since we missed last week when we were in Prague - crazy to think that is where I was this time last week!- and Cory has to miss next week as well for end of the month, I didn't want Chivas to get behind. We wouldn't want Sake passing him up in class.

That said, Jessica has kindly agreed to go to class with us tonight. This is a big deal since class is at 8:30. Almost her bed time. ;) I think that she might actually have better luck with Chivas though, even over Cory, as she is a girl. Chivas does not like to be touched by men in general, and especially not in his hind area. It is weird. He has nipped at Cory and apparently even nipped at the instructor when I was not in the room two weeks ago. But, he is a ladies man, so I am thinking that all should go well with Jessica. Wish us luck!!! If I had a camera, maybe I would take pictures... hee heee. My new one is on its way!!! And I purchased the user damage coverage, so I told Cory that he has 2 years to smash this one!

On that note, I know that I need to get some pictures of our trip up, but I have been kind of busy since we got back. I actually think that it might be easier to do it when you ARE still on vacation.. hint hint to someone in particular. I will definitely try to do it by the end of the week though. I think that I will have some time tomorrow night. In the mean time, if anyone is dying to see us acting like fools, or to see the lovely scenery of Prague, Jenny and Troy have pics up on their blog - found to the right.

And for another quick clarification for anyone who is confused, as far as I know we are currently on the wait list for the referral of a little boy in the 0-24 month range. So, by this time next year, I would imagine that we would at least have the referral. Hopefully not too much later or it is going to get a little sketchy on whether or not Cory can go with me and I know that will NOT make him happy because he is really looking forward to the trip! We're planning on a stop over in Paris for a few days before and then on to Ethiopia. So fingers crossed that referral works so that travel does not occur in the summer months.


T-Dog & JRo said...

Troy said that Chivas has never nipped at him! He is quite proud of that! Missing you guys. Wish you had continued on with us, because Edinburgh is our dream city!!!