Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not Quite a Month

Hey, it hasn't been quite a full month since I last posted!!! That's some sort of progress, right.

Well, I thought about doing a post from the Margarita Party - I know, how relevant two months later, right? But I was looking through photos that other people have posted on Facebook and really don't see any reason to bother. Basically, there was a party, there was good food, there was lots of alcohol, Laiya's fire dance was awesome, and that's about it.

So instead, I am taking the super lazy route, and will just see if I can find some good pictures from the summer.

Well then. Not so lazy today. Blogger is not working so I can't upload any pics. Guess I'll have to try again later. We didn't do nearly enough, we are so lazy with the camera. We have Boko at the ArtsFest but forgot it at the zoo! Go figure.

Wait, may have figured it out. Let's try this one more time.

One of the few days warm enough for water. Weird summer!

I don't think that he has even seen this Star Wars but its the face painting he wanted.

Hanging out with dad at the ArtsFest. And for those of you from here, yes, these are super old. And his hair is a hell of a lot longer. He's getting Jessica curls!

He loves him some lemonade!

Apparently we don't know how to push the button right.