Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Congratulations to Chivas and Sake. Tonight was their graduation class and they both received their certificates of completion for beginning dog training (with one class to make up next week from when mom and dad were in Prague..) But yay! Good dogs. Of course thanks to Jessica again for being the surrogate trainer for Chivas since Cory was MIA again. ;) End of the month.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reply to Jenny..

Before we left for Prague, Jenny had made a few comments regarding the fact that we were leaving before them. I can't find where that was now, and I had tried to post a comment on her blog from the airport that day, but my phone's browser would not let me. Kind of a pain.

Well I still saved it and I am putting it here because it gives a good description of what we went though to get out of here.

"Well Jenny, I must say that your little tirade was quite productive because it is 11:45 and I am sitting in the Wasatch Brewery Bar... Little tip, I was supposed to take off at 9:30 and currently it looks like we are another hour away from taking off for Cincinnati. Which was originally supposed to be Boston.... Prague is at least 5 hours further in the future than originally planned and I am working on a pretty good buzz.... 5 hours sleep + no food + 1.5 hours in check in 4.5 at airport now + vodka... Yup I hope you're happy now. Let's not even go into the litany of Dante inspired fiascoes that have happened so far... NO let's do, but condensed.. Packed and I mean PACKED shuttle, freaking cold, international line out the door, humanitarian aid fruit loops backing up the whole thing, screwed up kiosk, idiot agents (multiple) one of which I owe a serious ass kicking to and that lazy eyed bitch knows who she is, delayed flights, cancelled flights, and busted ass planes... AND I'M STILL IN UTAH!!! Holy shit where's the Tylenol??!!"

Maybe not as funny now but it would have been hilarious at the time if I could have gotten it to post.

Ethiopian Food

I have never had Ethiopian food, but from everything that I read about it, it sounds delicious. The problem is that I cannot find any restaurants in the area. I was hoping to try some made by someone who knows what they are doing before I gave it a go, but I don't know if I'll be able to. I think that we are going to Phoenix next month, and I found one or two restaurants down there, but I highly doubt that I will be able to talk Christie into going to one. Maybe if I go to Seattle with Jenny I can try one there. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in either place?

On the same note, does anyone have a recipe that they would recommend. I have found some on line, but a tried and true one would be lovely!!!

Last weekend we bought some flooring so that we can get started on the carpet replacement. Hopefully we can start on the living room next weekend. I'm not kidding myself that this will end the peeing in the house, but I am hoping that it will discourage it a bit, and at a bare minimum, laminate flooring will be much easier to clean up than carpet! Supposedly this is really easy to do so Cory shouldn't have too much trouble figuring it out. ;) I had originally wanted to do the baby's room first, but I need our living areas cleaned up, the spots on the floor are driving me nuts! Plus, I think that I will just rip the carpet out up there and then paint before we do the flooring, so I don't have to worry about spilling as much. Originally I was going to do an animal themed nursery but now that we have upped the age on our referral, I've decided that shapes, something more neutral is probably best. Hopefully we won't have to change it as soon this way, when he decides he's not a "baby".

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have a lot of random pictures from Prague. Some that I really don't think is a good idea to put on here. =) Hopefully I can remember what most of these are from.

The Kafka Memorial. I really know nothing at all about Kafka but thought that the statue was pretty interesting.

A picture of the whole medieval castle complex. I know that it is the largest medieval castle in Europe, but I don't really know a lot more about it than that, other than the a lot of the outside stuff is from the Hapsburg era (listening in on someone's tour group!)

This is a picture of the awesome little kilbasa stand that Cory and I found one of our first days there. It was just off the Charles Bridge, and when we were walking across I could smell this wonderful thing, and I was starving. We went down here and this is just a little tiny stand. A window with a half door, and a dinky little grill outside where this man was making the biggest kilbasa's I've ever seen. When we walked up this older woman was yelling at everyone, "This Czech fast food, not MAC Donald's!!" You did not want this woman to yell at you but of course we ALL got yelled at for one thing or another. Not paying before we got in line, or asking for the wrong thing. Cory asked for 2 hot dogs, and that just about killed her. Hot dogs are different, do you want a klebasa?? Yes, two of those heavenly looking/smelling things that the man who looked a little bit younger than her but was probably her husband, was lining up on the rinky dink grill and cooking while he was drinking a beer!!

Look at Cory moving up in the line for our snausages.... slowly but surely. SOOOO worth it!!!!

U Fleku. Here we are a while after Troy had ditched us. ;) This was the nice waiter, the one that could crack a smile without sneaking off for some sort of "refreshment".

No sooner did Troy leave, than Svarn had his little wooden head in his beer. tsk tsk. How does he ever expect to become a REAL boy. Lush.

What would Jimminy Cricket say???

Okay, maybe more pictures later, but I am getting a little bored with uploading these now. On a side note though, we are officially on the wait list for a referral. As of April 12. Did anyone else have a little wave of panic at this point, realizing that you are seriously going to have a child? It's not an abstract thought anymore, it's almost like being pregnant. Not quite as final as being pregnant, but still.............

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obedience Class

So Cory is out of town on a training - for commercial trucks woo hoo! - and tonight is obedience class with Sake and Chivas. Since we missed last week when we were in Prague - crazy to think that is where I was this time last week!- and Cory has to miss next week as well for end of the month, I didn't want Chivas to get behind. We wouldn't want Sake passing him up in class.

That said, Jessica has kindly agreed to go to class with us tonight. This is a big deal since class is at 8:30. Almost her bed time. ;) I think that she might actually have better luck with Chivas though, even over Cory, as she is a girl. Chivas does not like to be touched by men in general, and especially not in his hind area. It is weird. He has nipped at Cory and apparently even nipped at the instructor when I was not in the room two weeks ago. But, he is a ladies man, so I am thinking that all should go well with Jessica. Wish us luck!!! If I had a camera, maybe I would take pictures... hee heee. My new one is on its way!!! And I purchased the user damage coverage, so I told Cory that he has 2 years to smash this one!

On that note, I know that I need to get some pictures of our trip up, but I have been kind of busy since we got back. I actually think that it might be easier to do it when you ARE still on vacation.. hint hint to someone in particular. I will definitely try to do it by the end of the week though. I think that I will have some time tomorrow night. In the mean time, if anyone is dying to see us acting like fools, or to see the lovely scenery of Prague, Jenny and Troy have pics up on their blog - found to the right.

And for another quick clarification for anyone who is confused, as far as I know we are currently on the wait list for the referral of a little boy in the 0-24 month range. So, by this time next year, I would imagine that we would at least have the referral. Hopefully not too much later or it is going to get a little sketchy on whether or not Cory can go with me and I know that will NOT make him happy because he is really looking forward to the trip! We're planning on a stop over in Paris for a few days before and then on to Ethiopia. So fingers crossed that referral works so that travel does not occur in the summer months.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I left my liver in Prague....

Hee Hee... Not really, but I think you get the jist of things. Some good news and bad news here. First of all... The USCIS approval came and is on its way to Wide Horizons, I sent it this morning... Scary huh. ;) When it came and I read it to Cory, something along the lines of You have been found able to provide for an orphan... Cory said, Good thing they didn't see us in Prague. No hint of humor or irony.

Picked up the dogs today and other than what looks like an exploda-poo blow out with Sake, and moving pretty slow, everyone is in good working order. No fights though, yay!

I am pretty much bruised from head to toe. Big shock.

My camera met with an unfortunate end. Cory+lots of beer, and I mean LOTS of beer+ shots, and an errant sugar packet = Poor smashed camera. It was pretty funn and I have always wanted the red or the silver one anyway!!! Plus I stole some glasses from that place shortly afterward anyway.

Pictures to follow, but just thought I'd give a quick update. I'm tired!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Almost out of here...

So, Cory and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Prague. So, obviously no posts for at least a week but I will definitely post some pictures when we get back..

And of course, no news on the immigration form. Those speed little government workers.. Ahhh, our tax dollars at work!!! Yet another reason to run away from home while I'm in Europe. ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doggie 911

Okay, I know that anyone who reads this will think that I am crazy - all of my friends already do, but we have a bit of an aggression issue between our two female dogs. 90% of the time they either stay out of each other's way or they are cuddling and hanging out together. But then suddenly, they will snap and they are all over each other like a pack of wild animals. Has anyone every seen the third Look Who's Talking movie, with the dogs (don't judge me, it came out a long time ago, and I only had HBO in Wyoming)? The scene where the wolves attack them and you hear one of the wolves say "The furs gonna fly, the furs gonna fly". That pretty much explains my house. Then after I am sufficiently traumatized, they go back to life as normal.

We have started some obedience classes and we'll see how it works. I realize that this is fully our responsibility for not doing more to nip it in the bud - it's just been getting worse the last year or so, but basically I'm wondering if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this and if you have any tips. I don't want to pawn a dog off, I mean especially with these issues, you know all that will happen is she will end up being passed from home to home until she runs out of places to go, but this needs to end before any children are in the house. So by my calculations I have about a year to fix it.

Anyone else every had anything like this happen or know of any GREAT trainers, Dog Whisperers (I've emailed Cesar but have not heard back) or books, training methods, etc..... I'm all ears!!!