Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ethiopian Food

I have never had Ethiopian food, but from everything that I read about it, it sounds delicious. The problem is that I cannot find any restaurants in the area. I was hoping to try some made by someone who knows what they are doing before I gave it a go, but I don't know if I'll be able to. I think that we are going to Phoenix next month, and I found one or two restaurants down there, but I highly doubt that I will be able to talk Christie into going to one. Maybe if I go to Seattle with Jenny I can try one there. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in either place?

On the same note, does anyone have a recipe that they would recommend. I have found some on line, but a tried and true one would be lovely!!!

Last weekend we bought some flooring so that we can get started on the carpet replacement. Hopefully we can start on the living room next weekend. I'm not kidding myself that this will end the peeing in the house, but I am hoping that it will discourage it a bit, and at a bare minimum, laminate flooring will be much easier to clean up than carpet! Supposedly this is really easy to do so Cory shouldn't have too much trouble figuring it out. ;) I had originally wanted to do the baby's room first, but I need our living areas cleaned up, the spots on the floor are driving me nuts! Plus, I think that I will just rip the carpet out up there and then paint before we do the flooring, so I don't have to worry about spilling as much. Originally I was going to do an animal themed nursery but now that we have upped the age on our referral, I've decided that shapes, something more neutral is probably best. Hopefully we won't have to change it as soon this way, when he decides he's not a "baby".


Christie said...

I'll go but I won't eat!