Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay first, Phoenix was great. Got some sun, had a good time with the girls. Security was only called once. =) Pictures though?? I'll have to look, I think that there are a few that I can share without getting in any trouble.

Second, and the reason for the Help!!!! I'm going to Seattle this weekend, and assuming that I can talk someone into going, I really wanted to try some Ethiopian food. Believe it or not we have NO Ethiopian restaurants here. I wanted to start playing around with some recipes, but I like to taste something before I try making it, or at least a style of food, just so I know if I'm on track or not. So, who can recommend a good place in Seattle. I'm leaving Friday so any info would be great. Thanks!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where Do I Start?

My driver's license expired on my birthday this year. As some of you know, that was almost 2 months ago. I went two days after my birthday, to the mini-DMV office, to renew my license, and was told there that I would have to go all the way out to West Valley to take the written exam. Why? They like to screw with people I assume... So, in an immature act of rebellion, I said, yah, I'll get around to it when I get around to it... Fast forward to now. Since we are going to Phoenix this weekend, I thought that it would be good for traveling purposes to have a valid driver's license.

So this morning, after my 7:30 am nail appointment, I went straight to the DMV, thinking, hey, it's early, it shouldn't be toooo packed. It will be well before lunch. I should breeze right through. Have I ever mentioned that I like my martinis? Apparently the research on killing off brain cells is spot on, because apparently I have developed some sort of dementia that led me to think this way.

I spent about 2.5 hours sitting at the DMV, waiting for my number to come up - B170. I sat through the A6, A7, C234, C245, D354, D356, etc, etc..... B150, 151, 152...... Come on 170!!!!

Finally get up to the counter, and a very nice woman let my eyes rest before the eye exam after I explained to her that everything was fuzzy from staring at my phone and playing solitaire for the last 2+ hours. Then she gave me my Utah Driver's Manual and sent me to a computer to take my open book test. Passed with a 92%!!!! I knew nothing about HOV's and on the second one that I missed, I still think I could have argued, but since I heard 3 different people go up to the counter and be told that they had failed as I sat there, I figured I'd just let it go and live with my low score. So I take my 92% self up to the counter and ran into the one and only obstacle of the day that brought me within inches of losing it. A young man at the counter was being told that they could not count his test because he was not supposed to be using the book.... "Well my dad says he always does and he's older and he knows all about it.." Cue the dad. Leather coat wearing, square jawed, feather haired dad. Here he comes to point blame on the woman who had been at the counter, the other test takers, and to top it all off, call the poor testing goon a not very nice and completely unnecessary name. All the while, his 15 year old child, yes the kid was there for a permit, with his bangs hanging down in his eyes, is banging his hands and fingers on the counter like its a drum. Knock it off you Spicoli wanna-be. Seriously, that man is so lucky he didn't look in my direction for support on how horrible it is to spend hours at the DMV. Because seriously buddy, I had to wait just as long as you and the only reason that I am here for an additional 20 minutes is because of YOU, and your INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY!!! Seriously, who on earth would think that a teenager could take their driving test open book!!!??? Then hold all of us up while you argue the point??!!! I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter, my face getting redder and redder. Finally in an attempt to move things along the supervisor comes out and says, just let the kid take it again, no book.

Needless to say my new license picture is no glamour shot. My face is glossy from the sweat beads starting and my skin is blotchy because the color was starting to drain out. Fine, whatever, I start laughing hysterically, just give it to me and let me get away from this place that smells like poo!!!!

And let's add my other government bureaucracy story at this point. We decided to change the age that we requested for referral shortly after we were put on the list. Easy enough. Email lovely homestudy case worker. Tell her what we would like to do. 3 days later, addendums, signed and notarized arrive in mailbox. No charge. Send addendum to WHFC. No problem. Hey we're all happy to help. Happy happy times.

Email immigration office - Hey, I just need you to change two numbers on the form that you sent. On the I171H form that is the stock template you send to everywhere, just filling in the country, age range and their personal names. I would assume you save the file. Just go in there and change a 12 to a 24. Sure, no problem unnamed computer personality replies. Just fill out the I290B and return this with a money order for $585. And we even promise a 48 hour turn around. This made me want to reply with something along the lines of - I don't need it in 48 hours, so if I can wait 6 weeks, can I get a discount? I of course thought better of this as I would not want to tick off Stanley Kubrick's nameless computer personality. I mean seriously, who sends emails with no signature. It just comes from SL Adoptions like its its own entity. Seriously, what kind of ink are they using to print this paperwork??? Is made from crude oil or something?

Okay, I think that I'm done ranting now. Soooo looking forward to weekend laying out by the pool, lovely pool boy, or girl, doesn't matter, bringing me drinks of the moment, happy hour at the Pink Taco.... ahhhh....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yet another reply to Jenny

I can add, and do lots of other things like find my own way to my house........

For some reason I was just assuming that you were going from the original date on the waiting list. I didn't look at the date that you put in your guess, just the date of my actual post. So there. =)~ Smart ass.

I would have just called you and explained all of this, but you don't have a phone!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Poll...

There is a new poll to the right. Take a second to vote, and if you have any other comments, please leave them.

And on the baby pool, for something that so few people are participating in it sure seems to be confusing. If you look at the second time line at the top, you can tell how long we have already been on the waiting list. You can guess based on time from there or give me a date. If you give me a date, I will adjust the number of months from there. =) Savvy?? (Yes, there was a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on Sunday.)

Baby Pool

Hey, in case there is any confusion, you just need to leave a comment on what day you think that we will get the referral. Then I will add it to the side. Christie and Jenny have been the only two to guess so far. =( Everyone else is no fun.

Hey Jenny, you put 9 months down and I didn't even think to check the math. It is actually 1/12/09, not 2/11/08, since I am assuming that you meant from the date we were officially waiting. If you want to stick with 2/11 let me know, otherwise, I'll go with your nine month guess. Good thing you don't work with numbers/math for a living, hey???!! ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The New Floor

It has been brought to my attention that I only put out the pictures of the floor while Cory was in the process of putting in the laminate, and no after pictures. Well here they are, a few after pictures. Can't wait for him to do the front room too. Any big strong guys out there willing to come over and help move the pool table??? Drinks included of course. ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day "Surprise"

So, in my last post I had said that Cory told me not to make plans on Mother's Day. Well, the surprise was tickets for the Jazz/Laker game. Before anyone gets too excited over what a great husband I have, remember, he gets them for free.

But, they were really good seats, 12th row, just a little off center court. And it was an awesome game! The sponsor room tickets are nice too. The food isn't very good, but there is free beer. I thought it was funny when a woman came up to us and said "Is this the line for the nachos....?" No, this is the beer line. No one would be waiting 20 people back for gas station cheese on corn chips.

Went to lunch before hand at Red Rock, and I have to tell you, the warm shrimp salad there is awesome. Between that and their bruschetta that Jenny got me addicted to, I can tell I am going to have a problem this summer with their patio open. It is a bit of a drive from home.

Went shopping after the game and then went to Happy Sumo. Ran into a guy from work, afterward, and got the feeling that I may have caused a problem with his boyfriend. When we went up to say hi, he didn't really introduce him as his boyfriend/date and I think the guy was a little miffed. Oh well!!

That's about it for Mother's Day. Anyone else do anything fun?

Update to Post

It was brought to my attention that pointing out that Cory got the tickets free, may have come off as me being a little I don't know, ungrateful, or downplaying his thinking of me. I was just saying that he didn't go through all the trouble of finding a scalper or something to get tickets to a sold out play off game. We/I are not crazy fans or anything.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Design

I will just say that I promise our child will have toys and clothes that are not associated with monkeys. But I do love them!!

Cory texted me today and said not to make plans for tomorrow between 11 and 5, for my mother's day present. I can't figure out what would take 6 hours in the middle of the day.. Any ideas??

Jamie and Mike at Operation Battle Station got their referral the other day too. Woo-hoo!!! They'll be bringing home a 2 year old boy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Little Housekeeping - Of Sorts

As we all know, I don't really clean, so you know that I am not talking about that....

To the right, you will notice that I have added a polling feature. Take a second to answer, and I will be changing once a week. Just doing a little research..

I asked everyone a couple of posts ago to give me some date guesstimates, and at this point, still nothing! You guys are no fun, no fun... =(

A quick reminder to everyone.. The only person in my family who knows about the adoption is my mom, and no one in Cory's family knows yet. Not that anyone is going to talk to any of them, but it's always good to remember that not everyone is in on this. Same for Cory's co-workers. Only Wally and Aurel know, I think. It just takes so long that it is easier for him not to get questions about it all the time at work.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Room Down

Living Room is done!!! I think that Cory needs a little break now though. But then on to the front room then what will be the baby room. Although I don't know if baby is the right word since he will probably be older than a "baby".

I think I'm actually going to do pretty well with the wait though. I've estimated that it should be anywhere from 7.5-10.5 months waiting for a referral. So a lot like being pregnant, right?? Well, its already been almost a month down. And the next month or two should fly by. I'll be in Phoenix for Memorial Day, then off to Seattle with Jenny the next weekend, home for a weekend, then 50/50 chance we'll be going to D.C. for a conference for about a week, home for a weekend, then San Francisco for another work thing. Summer is always really busy..... Actually when you really break it down, I ONLY have until this time next year to have all my crap together before my whole life changes. See how prepared I am? hee hee.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Home Improvement - Pet Crisis

As some of you already know from personal experience at my house, or may remember from an earlier post, we have some fecal issues at our house. Especially with Chivas. He REALLY likes to pee on things. I asked the dog trainer if there was any way to solve this problem. He asked me if Chivas is fixed. But of course. All of my pets are sterilized as soon as a vet is willing to put them under the knife. Well then, says dog trainer, there is nothing to be done. He's just a boy. Fantastic!!!!

So, in typical Cory/Stacy form, rather than try harder to watch the dog, stay on top of him around the house and teach him, we have decided that it is easier to just rip out the carpet. Do I have some fantasy that this will cure his urge to pee? Hell no, I'm not that delusional. However, a wet spot on a hard surface is much easier to clean up than urine on a fabric surface. We knew this coming into it and why when we were sitting in the flooring store, four years ago, picking all of this out, we chose carpet, I will never understand!!!

Anyway, here is a picture of the living room right now, the first one that we and by we I mean Cory, is tackling.

So this leads me to the second part of the post. The crisis.

Cory started on the floor Wednesday, ripping up the carpet and installing the laminate. (3 dogs, a child on the way, and parties where spills that were never identified, do not bode well for hardwood) So of course he has the heater vent covers pulled up. Neither one of us though anything about it. It's hardly a safety hazard.

Well to understand where this is going you should know that Sake loves balls. I mean LOVES balls. Have you ever seen the Eddie Murphy version of Dr. Doolittle, where the little terrier is OCD over balls. That is Sake, except she REALLY LOVES them. I am not exaggerating in any way here either. In obedience class the teacher brought out a tennis ball for the sit/stay with distraction exercise. I thought her head was going to pop off. Seriously.

So, Sake had a green and red PetSmart tennis ball - the Christmas edition - that she had been playing with pretty regularly. She had a little string torn off one side so that she could throw it in the air for herself whenever mommy and daddy got bored, or had thrown their shoulders out from playing ball for hours on end. Well, suddenly, with no warning, the ball was taken from Sake. Yup, she dropped it down the heater vent and it was GONE. I've got to give it to her. She remained fairly calm. Not really crying or anything. But she did stand by that vent for the rest of the night, looking at it, looking at us, Dad when are you going to make it give me my ball back??

See, it went down there.

Yesterday I finally found a ball that was similar to the one she had, two different colors, and she seems to be somewhat happy with these. The best part was though, that she took the new ball over to the now covered vent and rolled it back and forth over it, just to be sure. My dogs kill me.

Which leads me to a quick question. Has anyone else noticed that before bringing home a child, people have pictures of their dogs on their blogs, and talk about their dogs regularly and once child comes home, the pictures of the dogs disappear and no mention of them anymore unless its a quick little aside, along the lines of look at little Tommy, he's looking at the dog.. but you don't see the dog.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Still Snowing....

So last time I looked outside, we were still having a nice little white out. So nice for May 1, huh? I hear that Snowbird got 17 inches yesterday/last night. Crazy! Although I can still remember the stories my Grandpa would tell me about tents being collapsed on them in August from the snow that fell out of nowhere the night before. Gotta love the Rockies!! Obviously Utah is not nearly as bad as Wyoming.

So to pass the time we are going to institute a pool. When someone is pregnant, people always have pools to guess the date, time, size, etc.. that the baby will come. So, we are going to have one for referral date. Anyone who wants to participate, and I expect people to participate, just leave your guess in the comments. I'll start a column off to the side somewhere to keep track. We can either do this for money or a prize. Let me know what you think. I prefer the first because then it encourages more people to participate. It might also be fun to add the age of the child at referral to this. Sorry, I just need something to amuse myself with!!