Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Blog

I feel kind of bad leaving this site behind, but it just seems like it doesn't quite fit in with our life now. This blog was started specifically because of the adoption but now.... With the process over, it just doesn't seem to fit so much. I think that I'll come back to this one when we start our next adoption, but for day to day life, I just wanted something separate. So, if you have the urge, visit the new blog. I am really going to try and keep up on it!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I really suck as a blogger. Has everyone become as bad as me since getting involved with Facebook. Based on my Facebook comments though, I can't believe that anyone is all that interested in my blog!!!!

Hey, if I still have any straggler followers, let me know if you are interested in hearing the story of me kidnapping the neighbor's cat....... Just curious before I spend all that time typing in the story. If no one cares, it is hardly worth it....

Oh, and since the last post, we have also gone to Disney World, Trick or Treated at numerous places, had job changes, travel plans, soccer stories... I guess, quite a few things.

Curious if anyone cares. Otherwise this becomes an online journal. woo hoo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not Quite a Month

Hey, it hasn't been quite a full month since I last posted!!! That's some sort of progress, right.

Well, I thought about doing a post from the Margarita Party - I know, how relevant two months later, right? But I was looking through photos that other people have posted on Facebook and really don't see any reason to bother. Basically, there was a party, there was good food, there was lots of alcohol, Laiya's fire dance was awesome, and that's about it.

So instead, I am taking the super lazy route, and will just see if I can find some good pictures from the summer.

Well then. Not so lazy today. Blogger is not working so I can't upload any pics. Guess I'll have to try again later. We didn't do nearly enough, we are so lazy with the camera. We have Boko at the ArtsFest but forgot it at the zoo! Go figure.

Wait, may have figured it out. Let's try this one more time.

One of the few days warm enough for water. Weird summer!

I don't think that he has even seen this Star Wars but its the face painting he wanted.

Hanging out with dad at the ArtsFest. And for those of you from here, yes, these are super old. And his hair is a hell of a lot longer. He's getting Jessica curls!

He loves him some lemonade!

Apparently we don't know how to push the button right.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back To School

School starts on Monday. It doesn't seem like summer was that long, but it has been almost 3 months exactly since his last day. Crazy! We took his supplies to school last night. 6 bags of stuff!!! I do not remember having to take that much to school when I was in Catholic school.....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Generally Speakiing

=)~ Boo You Should know who you are.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Coming Home

Boko will be home tomorrow. Its been almost 2 1/2 weeks that he has been gone. He started calling about a week ago saying that he wanted to come home NOW. Its funny because I know that he is having fun with the chickens and the goats so he isn't hurting too badly. But its kind of nice to know that he actually misses us!

Apparently he was trying to throw them at the windows of the chicken coop - Why? To fly of course!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Sorry one more..... Neil Patrick Harris... Outside of Two and a Half Men, this is the best performance on TV. And talk about reinventing yourself and your career.... Outstanding!!!!!! I'd sleep with him... His character obviously, since he wouldn't have me in real life... =(

Katherine Heigl

Bitch - Thumper's mother said it best. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..... Especially when they are paying you more money than any mediocre actress on the planet has ever been paid in recent memory or is due..... Okay, I added that last part. But SERIOUSLY!!!!!?????????????????

Monday, July 13, 2009

First Birthday....

In the US at least. So, I'm not quite two months behind on getting this posted.... His Birthday was 5/21. Oh well.

He was soooo excited for his birthday. It was all that he talked about for about a month. First, he wanted everyone to know that he was going to be 5, and second, in case you didn't know,w hen you turn five, you automatically get a bike.

Of course the theme of the party, invites and cake, was Cars. When we went to pick up the cake the morning of his party he squealed. I mean loud, Oh Yes! He was so excited. He even wore the birthday boy ribbon that I got him. We had his party at Boondock's and he had friends from school and day care, and of course, the girls had to shove their way in to sit next to him. I have to say, it was a great place to have a kid's party (lots of lemonade for mommy, spiked by daddy of course) and they're pretty much contained in the building so you don't have to worry about them much. The problem is that they give you like 3 hours of party time. A.) that is a lot of time with other people's children for me and B.) that is a lot of time for me to be stuck in doors. I was going a little stir crazy by the time the last kid's dad came and got him. So glad we stayed longer though and went outside for go karts and mini golf with Boko.

His actual birthday was the following Thursday and that is when he got his presents from me, my mom and my grandpa (his came the day before he died). Of course the bike was a huge hit. He loves it. In fact he has decided that he is saving up his money (from losing teeth and just generally being good) to buy another bike. He currently is down to one training wheel and he only has that on because he can't quite balance himself to get on. In the last two days he has had some major falls too. But of course gets back up and on his bike.

I think that the pictures are pretty self explanatory!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TOTN Correction

I need to make a correction. The event is actually at Solitude. I don't know what I was thinking!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taste of The Nation - Salt Lake City

I have been posting this message on every other site that I am a member of and even though I am sure that all of my reader's have kicked me to the curb by now, I thought that I would put it up here too.

I don't now how many of you are familiar with Taste of The Nation but this is an event held every August (this is the tenth year anniversary) at Snowbird resort. The event benefits Share our Strength, an organization with sole purpose of ensuring that no child in America grows up hungry.

The event is held in cities all across the country and this year, Salt Lake's is August 2nd. This is a great day out of good food from chefs in the Salt Lake area, as well as great wines and beer. I am letting you all know for several reasons. First, tickets are on sale at All proceeds from the tickets go to the charity, so it is a write off - yay!- and one ticket is good for the whole day, meaning unlimited food and drink. So at a minimum I encourage everyone to go. Beautiful weather, great scenery, wonderful food, its a good time.

Secondly, I am looking for sponsors and donations for the silent auction. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with charities, we are cutting it close on both. All of these need to be in place by the 20th of this month, for the sake of printing. Sponsorships start as low as $250 and can be customized to fit your needs. Silent auction items can be goods or services, and are a great way to get a little advertisement for your business as well as help a good cause.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating as a sponsor or a donor. Also, please feel free to forward this on to anyone else who you think would be interested.


Stacy Deru

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Failing Miserably

Yah, that whole last post about being a better blogger. I was just kidding! Obviously. Where in the hell does a month and a half go? Oh yah, I know, work, Boko, his birthday, crazy ass drama filled funeral, work, soccer, a few nights lost to vino and vodka, and that should just about cover it. Oh yah, let's not forget a couple of dog fights. What kind of market do you think there is for a canine version of Fight Club, with Shelby in Edward Norton's role and Sake in Brad Pitt's?

At this point in time it is kind of tough to even come up with what I want to blog about. I suppose top of mind for me lately is work, so I'll go ahead and make a completely self-serving and obvious pitch for myself. I can always use some more business, so if anyone out there has a company and would like to offer additional benefits for their employees, at no cost to the company, let me know. If anyone wants some additional, and very affordable coverage for themselves, maternity pre-planning anyone, please let me know. Remember, the whole point of Aflac is that it pays you cash.

Okay, that will be it for tonight. I don't want people to be completely annoyed with me for my blatant sales efforts. I'll do it in small doses from time to time!

How about some pictures, since its been so long?

I can't remember if I've posted this one before or not, but oh well. Boko STILL asks about Bonnie's baby.


Why am I posting such an unflattering photo of myself? I guess I just feel like I should prove that I am not completely crazy for keeping these menaces.

Old photo, I know. Like March. His hair is sooo much longer now. I obviously need to download some photos from the camera!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trying to be better....

In an effort to be a better blogger, I have added a new poll. Please take the time to answer if you stop in.... I have a purpose. ;)

Nothing Special

Well, I have been a very bad blogger. And since I can't really think of a great story at the moment, you're getting pictures. Actually, I probably could come up with some stories, in conjunction with the pictures, however, I need to actually get some work done. I know, lame.

What a big dog Boko!! On the Saturday before Easter we went to the Children's Museum in Denver and they had the great dane rescue outside. That one weighed as much as me and was still 30 lbs underweight!! If I didn't have the circus in my house I would have totally brought home Moose!!!

Boko LOVES Bonnie's baby. He talks about her at least every other day. Who knows? What do you think Bonnie? Mother in laws? We'd have a great time together! ;)

Cheese!!! Thanks Christie and Ryan for all my cool Easter gifts.

The Denver aquarium is awesome!! They have a ton of cool animals. Sharks and tigers.... Need I say more. But they also have a bar. With a big huge aquarium window. So once you go through the whole aquarium, mommy and daddy can sit down for happy hour and the little ones can glue their faces to the aquarium window. Then, they have this scuba diver swimming through the tank and he comes up and interacts with the kids.

Petting the baby sting rays and feeding them too. Watch out for the teeth though!! Yes, they do have them.

Oh and not that she is reading this, but Ashley is in Ethiopia picking up her little cutie and I hope that they are having a great time!!!