Thursday, May 1, 2008

Still Snowing....

So last time I looked outside, we were still having a nice little white out. So nice for May 1, huh? I hear that Snowbird got 17 inches yesterday/last night. Crazy! Although I can still remember the stories my Grandpa would tell me about tents being collapsed on them in August from the snow that fell out of nowhere the night before. Gotta love the Rockies!! Obviously Utah is not nearly as bad as Wyoming.

So to pass the time we are going to institute a pool. When someone is pregnant, people always have pools to guess the date, time, size, etc.. that the baby will come. So, we are going to have one for referral date. Anyone who wants to participate, and I expect people to participate, just leave your guess in the comments. I'll start a column off to the side somewhere to keep track. We can either do this for money or a prize. Let me know what you think. I prefer the first because then it encourages more people to participate. It might also be fun to add the age of the child at referral to this. Sorry, I just need something to amuse myself with!!


T-Dog & JRo said...

I am going to guess 9 months, so that would be 2/11/08. I want a prize, because you are the best gift-giver alive. :)