Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day "Surprise"

So, in my last post I had said that Cory told me not to make plans on Mother's Day. Well, the surprise was tickets for the Jazz/Laker game. Before anyone gets too excited over what a great husband I have, remember, he gets them for free.

But, they were really good seats, 12th row, just a little off center court. And it was an awesome game! The sponsor room tickets are nice too. The food isn't very good, but there is free beer. I thought it was funny when a woman came up to us and said "Is this the line for the nachos....?" No, this is the beer line. No one would be waiting 20 people back for gas station cheese on corn chips.

Went to lunch before hand at Red Rock, and I have to tell you, the warm shrimp salad there is awesome. Between that and their bruschetta that Jenny got me addicted to, I can tell I am going to have a problem this summer with their patio open. It is a bit of a drive from home.

Went shopping after the game and then went to Happy Sumo. Ran into a guy from work, afterward, and got the feeling that I may have caused a problem with his boyfriend. When we went up to say hi, he didn't really introduce him as his boyfriend/date and I think the guy was a little miffed. Oh well!!

That's about it for Mother's Day. Anyone else do anything fun?

Update to Post

It was brought to my attention that pointing out that Cory got the tickets free, may have come off as me being a little I don't know, ungrateful, or downplaying his thinking of me. I was just saying that he didn't go through all the trouble of finding a scalper or something to get tickets to a sold out play off game. We/I are not crazy fans or anything.


hannie said...

I on the other hand, am a crazy fan! I think that is super! It was the perfect game to attend! ... so what is this about the boyfriend, ticked off co-worker stuff? What pot has been stirred Stacy?

T-Dog & JRo said...

In a non-related note, I have lost my cell phone. Just FYI. Call me @ home!