Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Room Down

Living Room is done!!! I think that Cory needs a little break now though. But then on to the front room then what will be the baby room. Although I don't know if baby is the right word since he will probably be older than a "baby".

I think I'm actually going to do pretty well with the wait though. I've estimated that it should be anywhere from 7.5-10.5 months waiting for a referral. So a lot like being pregnant, right?? Well, its already been almost a month down. And the next month or two should fly by. I'll be in Phoenix for Memorial Day, then off to Seattle with Jenny the next weekend, home for a weekend, then 50/50 chance we'll be going to D.C. for a conference for about a week, home for a weekend, then San Francisco for another work thing. Summer is always really busy..... Actually when you really break it down, I ONLY have until this time next year to have all my crap together before my whole life changes. See how prepared I am? hee hee.


JAWR-G said...

Sounds like you are going to have a busy couple of months!!!!

Frankie and Amanda said...

Frankie andI are such dorks. I found your blog from Jenny and Troy's blog and just decided to say hi, BUT I just read about the baby! I am so happy for you. I had no idea. I have so many questions for you when we see each other next!!

T-Dog & JRo said...

OMG where are the pics of the FINISHED product? Oh and by the way did our chalkboard paint work???