Sunday, May 4, 2008

Home Improvement - Pet Crisis

As some of you already know from personal experience at my house, or may remember from an earlier post, we have some fecal issues at our house. Especially with Chivas. He REALLY likes to pee on things. I asked the dog trainer if there was any way to solve this problem. He asked me if Chivas is fixed. But of course. All of my pets are sterilized as soon as a vet is willing to put them under the knife. Well then, says dog trainer, there is nothing to be done. He's just a boy. Fantastic!!!!

So, in typical Cory/Stacy form, rather than try harder to watch the dog, stay on top of him around the house and teach him, we have decided that it is easier to just rip out the carpet. Do I have some fantasy that this will cure his urge to pee? Hell no, I'm not that delusional. However, a wet spot on a hard surface is much easier to clean up than urine on a fabric surface. We knew this coming into it and why when we were sitting in the flooring store, four years ago, picking all of this out, we chose carpet, I will never understand!!!

Anyway, here is a picture of the living room right now, the first one that we and by we I mean Cory, is tackling.

So this leads me to the second part of the post. The crisis.

Cory started on the floor Wednesday, ripping up the carpet and installing the laminate. (3 dogs, a child on the way, and parties where spills that were never identified, do not bode well for hardwood) So of course he has the heater vent covers pulled up. Neither one of us though anything about it. It's hardly a safety hazard.

Well to understand where this is going you should know that Sake loves balls. I mean LOVES balls. Have you ever seen the Eddie Murphy version of Dr. Doolittle, where the little terrier is OCD over balls. That is Sake, except she REALLY LOVES them. I am not exaggerating in any way here either. In obedience class the teacher brought out a tennis ball for the sit/stay with distraction exercise. I thought her head was going to pop off. Seriously.

So, Sake had a green and red PetSmart tennis ball - the Christmas edition - that she had been playing with pretty regularly. She had a little string torn off one side so that she could throw it in the air for herself whenever mommy and daddy got bored, or had thrown their shoulders out from playing ball for hours on end. Well, suddenly, with no warning, the ball was taken from Sake. Yup, she dropped it down the heater vent and it was GONE. I've got to give it to her. She remained fairly calm. Not really crying or anything. But she did stand by that vent for the rest of the night, looking at it, looking at us, Dad when are you going to make it give me my ball back??

See, it went down there.

Yesterday I finally found a ball that was similar to the one she had, two different colors, and she seems to be somewhat happy with these. The best part was though, that she took the new ball over to the now covered vent and rolled it back and forth over it, just to be sure. My dogs kill me.

Which leads me to a quick question. Has anyone else noticed that before bringing home a child, people have pictures of their dogs on their blogs, and talk about their dogs regularly and once child comes home, the pictures of the dogs disappear and no mention of them anymore unless its a quick little aside, along the lines of look at little Tommy, he's looking at the dog.. but you don't see the dog.