Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad Blogger

I know I'm a bad blogger. But since we've been home I am just so sick that all of my energy is going to toward Boko and once he goes to bed I can barely stay awake. In fact falling asleep as I type.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sitting at the airport

Of course our flight was delayed today - mandatory crew rest. I'm not sure if I should feel reassured by this or nervous.

So I had about three paragraphs on here and then it all just disappeared!!! I hate it when that happens.

So, we are sitting in the Crown Room now, and I am watching the woman across from us re-ball or whatever you call it her thing of yarn. Over and over again. Makes you almost want to take shots. That an the woman who just walked buy with a matching red patent leather purse and red patent leather clogs.... WOW And she keeps parading around the room like its a fashion show. And those brand new red patent leather shoes that she spent weeks look for to match her bag, are obviously NOT comfortable. Already limping.

Hey, fyi, and everyone else may already know this, but you are only allowed one clear quart ziploc bag of liquids per person when going through security. I never take anything but a Tide pen, lip gloss, and sample perfume usually so this has never come up. But in the interest of not being left high and dry if our luggage is lost, like Prague, we thought we should take essentials so we had a bunch of little .5-2oz containers of shampoo, etc..... Yah, that was a HUGE pain in the ass. This was right after the TSA guy at the initial line had yelled at Cory that he needed to go to the podium at the end, NOW. Well, I was obviously handing him his passport and boarding pass, which took a whole 10 extra seconds ass bag and gee, the five people behind are probably going to miss their flight now. Then Mr. Sunshine proceeded to yell at me.... "Are you with HIM??!!" Yes "Well then you need to stay TOGETHER"..... FINE.....

But what I really wanted to say was, well actually we came here together but since he forgot my Food & Wine, Conde Naste and book that Christie gave me for Christmas at home, we just agreed that was the last straw and are getting a divorce, so I DON'T WANT TO STAND NEXT TO HIM YOU SECURITY NAZI!!!! But I thought better of it. I am not good with no food.

But at least the world is now safe from bombs made from Crest Sensitivity toothpaste and Scope. You can all sleep soundly tonight.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

20 Hours

Which is really more like 14 since I will try and fit in some sleep there.

Good news - I called the Netherlands embassy in Addis Ababa today and was told that we do NOT need a transit visa. I just needed to hear it from someone who was actually in a position to say yes or no, not just hear say. So I feel much more relaxed now.

Still sick. Actually I woke up at 4 am because the left side of my face hurt so bad, I am assuming from my sinuses. It was perfect timing for calling Addis though. =)

Only really nervous about forgetting some important document. This is so much different from a vacation trip out of the country where all you really need is your passport. Most of the places you go on vacation you can replace pretty much anything else. I suppose I should have included wallet with passport as all you really need!! ;) This is different. In lots of ways.

Have to take the dogs to the kennel today. =( I always HATE doing that to them. Poor guys. But they had a pretty good Christmas. Christmas was celebrated early at our house. Last night, Cory stayed up late packing and when Sake didn't come when he called her to bed he went looking for her and found her on the big dog bed in the living room, with four stuffed toys around her and one of the big rawhides from their Christmas stockings, totally passed out. SOOOO sweet. Still hate taking them though. The worst part is that last night when the house is so quiet. I really wish that the Utah Pet Center, and their 24/7 drop off pick up schedule hadn't closed. We used them in September and it was one of the best kennel experiences we have ever had, me and the dogs. Oh well.

So once I finish up with work, go pick up the dogs, come back down then drop some stuff off at my mom's, go home and finish packing, which is pretty much just getting toiletries and prescriptions into the remaining space. Packing clothes was fairly easy this time. Jeans, other comfy cotton pants, lots of Shade long sleeve shirts, a couple of scarves and some sweaters. Two pairs of shoes and good to go. Not like I need a lot of wardrobe options on this trip!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

36 Hours

Kind of the final count down. In 36 hours we will be on the plane to Ethiopia. Crazy huh!!! I would think that I would be a bit more wigged out now, but I'm scarily not. I need to start actually packing tonight. I think that I have gotten most of the packages that people were sending to me at this point, so I can start getting things in my bags.

I keep getting distracted though. I really hope that I'm not forgetting anything.

Did I mention I have a cold too. SOOOO happy about that. Perfect timing.

Found out when our birth family visit is today too. We get in on Thursday night at 10:30 pm and we have to be ready to go on Friday at 5:30 am. Knew that would happen. Its good and bad. Not fond of getting up that early but it will be nice not to have it hanging over our heads. Its an over night trip to Southern Ethiopia so we'll back in Addis on Saturday so that will be the earliest that we will be able to meet B. In case anyone is wondering where we'll be.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Anyone wanna fess up to the "Pity the child already" vote??????

I must admit that I'm surprised that I didn't get anyone that wanted to donate anything, even $20. Not trying to guilt anyone, just surprised.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I don't know why, its not like I'm bored, but I added a poll on the right side, below Ethiopia time......


As we all know, I am having some difficulty with the fact that I will not be here for Christmas this year... Think the along the lines of the dad in Christmas Story after Bumpes' dogs ate the turkey.. No turkey hash, no turkey soup.... so on and so on.

Well, when I came downstairs this morning, I could have sworn that I smelled Christmas popcorn in the kitchen. You know the kind that you melt white almond bark all over. And people only make it at Christmas. I always make it. Well of course it was just my tumor playing tricks on me, or so I thought.

But then, today when I went to Hannie's for a manicure, guess what my holiday treat was? Yup, a bagful of Christmas popcorn!!! Yay!! Thanks Hannie for making me feel a little less Christmas deprived. =)

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Ticker

I had myself all convinced today that we had PLENTY of time until we have to leave. A WHOLE 12 days.... Then I made the mistake of looking at our blog, and the ticker at the top, and it says ONE week and FIVE days. This seems like much less time to me. ONE week.... Can you imagine what I'll be like this time next week????? Hallelujah, Holy Shit, where's the Tylenol!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where we are....

So far I have made reservations for flights.... At least I think that is taken care of. I still haven't seen a receipt from the travel agency. I think that they needed a letter from our adoption agency so they could confirm us for the adoption rate though, and I sent that to them today.

Hotel is done. Thanks Christie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Christie...... hee hee

Dogs have their reservations for boarding but this new place requires bordatella every month and they have it within the year but not 6 months so I need to call and make a vet appointment for them. I could just wait and do this at the new kennel, but I figure maybe I can get their checkups out of the way too, since those are usually after the first of the year.

Prescriptions for Cipro, my malaria meds, and scabies body wash were picked up tonight. I have an appointment at the pediatrician next Friday, where she is apparently going to give me more RX. Need to ask her about something for lice.

Cory put together the car seats today. =)

Lots more to do though. I need to go to Old Navy still and do some shopping.. Underwear, socks, shoes, etc....

Hey, a while back I had mentioned the topic of donations. I did not get any responses. Don't feel pressured, but a few people had asked me previously about giving donations. If you still want to, please let me know NOW. =) I want to get this handled as soon as possible. As I had mentioned earlier I think that cash will be best. Let me know what you are comfortable with though or if you have a specific idea.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Presenting Boko Jaxson Nannemann.

This was the first photo that we ever saw of him, the one that we "picked" from all the other pictures of little kids.

Having a little snack.

Dum Dums and Tea. Christie thinks that I should take a big bag of Dum Dums with me to Ethiopia... She doesn't think that I should abuse the child until we're home, you know with things like vegetables and fruit. REAL food.

Not a ham at all.....


Jessica and I went for pedicures today from Hannie, which are always wonderful!! We were finishing up, getting up from the massage chairs, when my phone beeped. I had a text message. It was from Cory saying that I should check my email. I assumed that it was something having to do with insurance. We had an argument last night about sending me emails about insurance leads, him not being specific enough, building enough urgency.... blah blah blah. Anyway, I asked him which email. He told me my sctigger.

So I checked my email on my phone, thinking that if it WAS an insurance lead it would be perfect timing since I was on my way to my reserve class. I'm scrolling through the emails and see "Travel to Ethiopia - Nanneman (misspelled) Family". I opened the email and see a reaffirmation that all of our information is up to date at the Embassy in Addis... Big deal. We get these once a month. And it would not be the first time that Cory got overly excited about one of these. I'm thinking you JERK... Ready to kill him, then I realized that there is something about that title. Its just different. Scrolling further, trying to read the email on my phone.. Yell at Hannie and Jessica to shhsh I'm trying to read............. Then I'm telling everyone in the room, Oh My God, we are going to Ethiopia, We have to be there the 20th - of December!!!! My hands are shaking I am trying to read the email. Jessica is impatient to hear so she holds my hands still to read.

Lots of screaming, excitement. I called the district manager at Farmer's, tell him I won't be coming in for class today, I have to start making travel arrangements. So since 2:30 I have gotten our reservations at the Sheraton - the end of the December was the only time within like a five month range where they had starhot rates by the way - dogs reservations at the kennel, and decided on a flight, which will hopefully be booked tomorrow - I just happened to decide to try another agency last Wed. The woman at the new agency had left for the holiday, but got back to me yesterday with a quote, and she just happened to use the dates 12/17-27 in her guesstimate. The exact dates we ended up wanting. And Cooking Light has a section on Ethiopian cooking this month. Strange. I don't know why I felt the need to put all of that out there right now.

So, barring any mumps outbreaks or CIS hold ups, we will be leaving in just over two weeks from today.

I am 99.9% sure that it is okay for me to post a picture now and give his full name, but since I am slightly paranoid of government agencies in general I want to double check.

I also have to say that I am very disappointed to be missing Christmas. I know, everyone keeps saying its the best present ever, and it is, but given the updates and info that we were getting from our agency, I had put a lot of time into convincing myself that it would not happen this month and that I was actually happy about it. And I am pretty damn convincing, so now I have to completely switch gears and get out of the mind set that "Cory and I will have this great one last Christmas just the two of us - go to plays, go to dinners, go to tea at the Grand." Plus Christmas IS my absolute favorite holiday and missing it just bothers me in a ridiculous way. We went to the Bahamas one year and I said I would never go on vacation for Christmas again. The things about the holidays that stress everyone else out get me excited. I love the baking, the parties the slight rush, but mostly I love it when a Christmas Story starts its 24 hours on TBS, and we sit down to shrimp and whatever else we found at Market Street and a couple of good bottles of Champagne on Christmas Eve, Santa comes, and then we get up and spend the day having cocktails and taking our time opening presents - With a Christmas Story still on of course. Anyway, just had to get that out. I know its kind of selfish to feel this way, but like I said, I spent a lot of time convincing myself in the last month, that this scenario was going to be the best EVER because I was so convinced that we would not be traveling this year.........

Don't even get me started on how stressed out I am just thinking about what I am going to do about work when we get back...... Oy!

B's Room

As promised, some pictures of B's room.

Every kid HAS to have a hanging chair.

I hope I don't regret the bunk bed. At least it can't be flipped over to a regular bed.