Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where we are....

So far I have made reservations for flights.... At least I think that is taken care of. I still haven't seen a receipt from the travel agency. I think that they needed a letter from our adoption agency so they could confirm us for the adoption rate though, and I sent that to them today.

Hotel is done. Thanks Christie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Christie...... hee hee

Dogs have their reservations for boarding but this new place requires bordatella every month and they have it within the year but not 6 months so I need to call and make a vet appointment for them. I could just wait and do this at the new kennel, but I figure maybe I can get their checkups out of the way too, since those are usually after the first of the year.

Prescriptions for Cipro, my malaria meds, and scabies body wash were picked up tonight. I have an appointment at the pediatrician next Friday, where she is apparently going to give me more RX. Need to ask her about something for lice.

Cory put together the car seats today. =)

Lots more to do though. I need to go to Old Navy still and do some shopping.. Underwear, socks, shoes, etc....

Hey, a while back I had mentioned the topic of donations. I did not get any responses. Don't feel pressured, but a few people had asked me previously about giving donations. If you still want to, please let me know NOW. =) I want to get this handled as soon as possible. As I had mentioned earlier I think that cash will be best. Let me know what you are comfortable with though or if you have a specific idea.