Monday, December 15, 2008

36 Hours

Kind of the final count down. In 36 hours we will be on the plane to Ethiopia. Crazy huh!!! I would think that I would be a bit more wigged out now, but I'm scarily not. I need to start actually packing tonight. I think that I have gotten most of the packages that people were sending to me at this point, so I can start getting things in my bags.

I keep getting distracted though. I really hope that I'm not forgetting anything.

Did I mention I have a cold too. SOOOO happy about that. Perfect timing.

Found out when our birth family visit is today too. We get in on Thursday night at 10:30 pm and we have to be ready to go on Friday at 5:30 am. Knew that would happen. Its good and bad. Not fond of getting up that early but it will be nice not to have it hanging over our heads. Its an over night trip to Southern Ethiopia so we'll back in Addis on Saturday so that will be the earliest that we will be able to meet B. In case anyone is wondering where we'll be.


Lori said...

Yippee!! Soooo excited for you guys. Have an amazing trip.