Tuesday, December 16, 2008

20 Hours

Which is really more like 14 since I will try and fit in some sleep there.

Good news - I called the Netherlands embassy in Addis Ababa today and was told that we do NOT need a transit visa. I just needed to hear it from someone who was actually in a position to say yes or no, not just hear say. So I feel much more relaxed now.

Still sick. Actually I woke up at 4 am because the left side of my face hurt so bad, I am assuming from my sinuses. It was perfect timing for calling Addis though. =)

Only really nervous about forgetting some important document. This is so much different from a vacation trip out of the country where all you really need is your passport. Most of the places you go on vacation you can replace pretty much anything else. I suppose I should have included wallet with passport as all you really need!! ;) This is different. In lots of ways.

Have to take the dogs to the kennel today. =( I always HATE doing that to them. Poor guys. But they had a pretty good Christmas. Christmas was celebrated early at our house. Last night, Cory stayed up late packing and when Sake didn't come when he called her to bed he went looking for her and found her on the big dog bed in the living room, with four stuffed toys around her and one of the big rawhides from their Christmas stockings, totally passed out. SOOOO sweet. Still hate taking them though. The worst part is that last night when the house is so quiet. I really wish that the Utah Pet Center, and their 24/7 drop off pick up schedule hadn't closed. We used them in September and it was one of the best kennel experiences we have ever had, me and the dogs. Oh well.

So once I finish up with work, go pick up the dogs, come back down then drop some stuff off at my mom's, go home and finish packing, which is pretty much just getting toiletries and prescriptions into the remaining space. Packing clothes was fairly easy this time. Jeans, other comfy cotton pants, lots of Shade long sleeve shirts, a couple of scarves and some sweaters. Two pairs of shoes and good to go. Not like I need a lot of wardrobe options on this trip!!


hannie bailey said...

YEA! It's almost time to board the plane! I am so excited! Good luck with everything. I am sure you are uber prepared and that not a paper will be forgotten! It will all go just fine! Can't wait to hear all the stories.

PS I just read your post about the popcorn. Glad I could help in boosting your spirits... I DO live to give.... Take care and happy holidays!!!