Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Cavities

While I was laying in the dentist's chair this morning, getting my teeth cleaned it occurred to me that I will most likely be back in this office sooner than the normal six month check-up/cleaning. Given my obsession with teeth, B will be needing to visit the dentist ASAP once we get him home. ( I hope I'm not being overly optimistic thinking that will be sooner than six months from now!)

Anyway, as I'm sitting there, looking at the woman with the mask on and the funny goggles over her glasses, and the bright light shining from up above I had tow thoughts.. 1.) Sitting here with my mouth held wide open for an unnaturally long time is NOT helping my efforts to reduce the signs of wrinkles, and 2.) WTH is this poor kid going to think? If he'd ever seen an episode of X-Files I would assume that he thinks this is what happens when you're abducted. This is a fun outing that I have to look forward to. Especially since I hate having my teeth cleaned. You know how some people have a problem with fingernails on chalkboard, well I'm that way with metal on teeth or dinner plates... But sticking with the situation. Teeth. I can only imagine how uncomfortable the whole situation will be for him. Just one more odd situation that you don't usually think much of because its so normal, but will seem so insane to him.

The dentist is under the impression that his teeth should be okay, due to lack of sugar, but given the blog posts I have read about kids basically having to have a surgery on their teeth to repair the damage after coming home from Ethiopia (not all but a few) and the fact that I have a photo of the midget eating a Dum Dum, I won't hold my breath. Maybe Dr. Lucas will be able to go down and buy a new truck!