Monday, November 3, 2008

Ethiopia Update

Got another update from our agency today. They are being told that no families will travel until late December at the earliest now. Lovely. The courts are apparently backed up with so many cases, and they are still working through a backlog from summer, before the courts had closed.

So nobody ask me if I've heard anything for at least a month. Understand. Not that I'm angry, but I am disappointed, and I have nothing, absolutely nothing to tell anyone, and it is very frustrating. I think that my head might pop off at this point if someone asks me if I've heard anything. Remember, this is not anger directed at anyone, I am just not a patient person and I can feel this pressure building in my head. Seriously. Its all compounded by the fact that people from other agencies are traveling already... WTF???!!!


Jenny and Troy said...

I think you guys are doing pretty well with the lack of info. We all support you & we won't ask any more questions. If I ask after wine + vodka + beer, I get a get out of jail free card though. (Boy, Troy could have sure used a few of those on Saturday, eh???)