Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Festivus Miracles

Saturday night we had a Festivus party at our house. I know, a month early from when it actually should be, but oh well. Although we did not have the feats of strength, I was not sure how to do this without being held liable for loss of future earnings, we did have the airing of grievances. Which I have to say, was the funniest thing I have ever seen.... Pictures to follow. I think that everyone had a good time, and to those of you that left some time after 12, I am sorry if I didn't say goodbye or said anything actually. Obviously I hit a wall somewhere around then. Unfortunately it did not stop us all together, but that's another story for another blog.

Pat and I in the bar..... I do not remember the taking of this picture. Not that that means anything.

"Come on Troy, just one cookie.. No one will notice.. Those girls? They're drunk, they don't know what's going on!"

"You build that Festivus pole yourself Clark?" "Sure did Eddie, with my own two hands" (Yes, I know, I'm mixing my media here....)

Bye Jenny ......... She left the next day for CO and is still ignoring me. =)~

Funny and disturbing all at the same time. Dave's grievances were a full stage show. This is as far as the stripping went though. I promise, it was nothing perverse.

Oh, the camera was only dropped once, again, not by me, but this time, it made it out in working order. I still have 18 months on that oh so worth the money, no questions asked, warranty at Best Buy.....


AJ Gorham said...

Man I missed out! Next time!!!!

Jenny and Troy said...

SO fun! I was so damn tired driving 9.5 hrs the next day.