Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've noticed that I get a lot of visitors from who never leave comments. I know this because of where people are viewing from. I would love to have everyone leave comments when you come to visit. Even if its just hello, no matter who its from. Its kind of like mail, everyone likes to get it!!! Especially from people I see popping in from Wyoming.....


Also realized that I never followed up with more pictures from Napa.... So here we go. By the way, loved it there and kept my eyes open for kid friendly things, so we will definitely be going back.

This first one is Darioush. The wine was pretty good here, but you have to go to see the building. As the lovely gay couple we met the night before said, its very ornate and looks a little pretentious at first.

These are the pugs that were completely in love with Cory's shoes ... That his brother's dog had peed on a couple of days before..

Look at the cute Corgi. He was at the sister winery of the one with the pugs...

Rub my belly, I'll love you forever.

Look how sober we are. V Sattuie (sp?) We did the wine tasting with food pairings. Every time our wine was empty and we still had the food that went with it, the woman would fill our glasses up again. Totally worth the $15 a piece.


hannie bailey said...

how do you see where people are looking at your blog from? i wanna know too!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! You don't know me but I found your blog through other Ethiopian adoption blogs. I'm also in Utah.

Abby Normal said...

I am a blog stalker...really...I am friend of Carla's. I was snooping one day on her list of her blogs and found yours. I've been following your story about the adoption process in Ethiopia for a couple of months. I wish you luck & look forward to more great reads!