Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I bet that all of you waiting and watching to find out if we have a travel date, though that was what this post was about, huh??? Suckers!!!!

Nope, not yet.

I do have two things to share though. First of all, since the best way to encourage the universe to send you something, like a travel date to a country half way across the world to pick up your first child, is to not plan for it and plan other things in its place so you are appropriately thrown into chaos when it happens, that's what we're doing.

A Festivus For the Rest of Us
November 15 at our house - evite to follow of course.

The second announcement is not quite as fun for the rest of you but hopefully it will eventually turn out to be for me. I am officially selling insurance. At least property and casualty, which includes, home, auto, toys, business... pretty much anything that you can think of outside of life and health. I am waiting for my license to come for the life and health, so will be able to sell that in a couple of weeks... So, if you need insurance, don't like your agent, are indifferent to your agent and of course like me much better, or just want to get a quote and see what's out there, please let me know. Right now I can only do this for you if you are in Utah though. Come on, support a mommy to be. =)

That should be it for now.


Jenny and Troy said...

AWESOME JOB STACE! Not that I am surprised of course, but congrats all the same. I will get some quotes!