Thursday, October 9, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated for so long, but I have been really busy, with work, insurance exams, playing, you know.... Life!

So, the courts definitely appear to be open, and the people who are with agencies that tell you your court date (which we are not) are apparently having dates assigned. I have NO idea what this means for us. At this point we could be going any time from November to January... Which is fine, because apparently, and this is for Troy, the instructions at IKEA have not been improved. There is still a frustrated little dough man calling IKEA on his phone for help. So needless to say, Cory got a very small child dresser put together, and it only took him ALL of yesterday afternoon.

Also, last Sunday, our friends, Jenny and Troy threw us the best shower ever!! I hesitate to fully call it a baby shower, since B isn't a baby, but still. It was great! Awesome food, great games, complete with shots. This is the best way to be pregnant, seriously, and wonderful and extremely thoughtful presents from our friends. We are very lucky to have them all.

I don't have a lot of pictures, when I get a chance I will post the ones that I have, but, if you go to Hannie's blog over on the right, you can see some!


Jenny and Troy said...

I am glad you liked it. Jamie, Hannie & their hubbies helped. As did my fam, of course! I will try to get the stroller race videos up by Saturday. They are so damn funny! I have your picture frame, advice book & B's memory book here. I need to put some more pics in the book but should be done in a week or so. It was fun, but I think the tequila shots were a BAD IDEA. I turned into a pirate. Or a bitch. Either way, it was not a good ending. Note to self - no beer + wine + shots. EVER.