Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Running Out of Things to Keep Me Busy


You are most like:

Selective Procrastinator

As a selective procrastinator, you know how to procrastinate but only do it when you feel you can afford to.
Your a faker!


Take this quiz: How Bad A Procrastinator Are You?

Who knew Calvin was moonlighting as a model?

You are most like:

Average Joe

Your pretty regular. Chances are your still a little afraid of the other drivers or your car just can't go fast enough to get away from other drivers.


Take this quiz: The Road Rage Meter

Better than I thought I would do!!! A LOT better!

You are most like:

Sentimental Shopper

You spent hours on each persons gift. Browsing as many stores as possible to find the perfect present. Each gift is based on your feelings for that person. Cost (no matter how great or small) is never an issue.


Take this quiz: What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

Not sure how accurate this one is.

You are most like:

Occasional User

Don't be fooled by the title of an "Occasional User". Your on your way to being a full out addict! Beware the addiction.


Take this quiz: The Quiz Addiction Quiz

That should do for today...


Jenny and Troy said...

I think you broke my liver yesterday.