Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're Baaaaak!

The trip to Gillette went well. Better than I would have expected. Then we were off on vacation. We flew from Gillette to San Francisco on Monday and then drove up to Yountville. Kind of messed up and did not take the most direct route, however, it was much prettier than the faster more direct route that we took back down a few days later. Too bad I couldn't really appreciate it since I had not eaten ALL day. By the time we got to the B&B we were pushing 6 pm (flight delays and stupidity at the rental car place - not to mention a car seat that smelled like ass). And I was dying. Thank God we got there on the tail end of the evening wine and cheese that they put out for you. It was a really cute place.

See, pretty drive. However I was seriously giving consideration to how one of those cute little gray squirrels would taste.. I don't care what Eddie says about the cholesterol.

The B&B was soooo cute.

I'll put some more pictures on a different entry. I've run out of steam now... Big painting day. ;)


Jenny and Troy said...

That is an adorable place! I wanna go there & drink great wine & take afternoon naps. Speaking of naps, let's see pics of the nursery?