Friday, September 12, 2008


Typically, we are on vacation this time of year. Not because our anniversary is this time of year. Our anniversary is this time of year because its when we usually take vacation. But we are a week off because Cory dropped the ball and didn't right the days off before someone else decided to take a cruise. I hope they were hit by a hurricane. You can tell, I'm very understanding.

So tomorrow we are finally leaving, unfortunately, the first two days of what should be vacation will be spent in Gillette with Cory's family. Its his Grandma's 80th birthday. Now, if you know anything about Gillette, you know why this is not a beginning of vacation. It'd be just like going to my home town. We're both from Wyoming for those of you not up on the history.

Anyway, Monday morning we fly out of there and spend the rest of the week in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

So why exactly am I depressed? Not just because of where we are going tomorrow, but because of where we were this time last year. My friend Brenda has been in Italy for over a week now and it just rubbed more salt into the wound, that that is where we were last September. I can honestly say that I have never been so depressed about NOT being somewhere that we had visited on vacation. Sure, when we are leaving I always pout a bit, I don't want to go home and reality, but I get over it. Especially by the time we go on another trip and this year we've gone to Mexico, Prague, and I've been a bunch of little trips in between.... But Italy is different. So, in honor of my depression ;) here are a few pictures from this time last year.

The beach outside of our hotel in Venice... looking at the Adriatic Sea.

The glass blowers at Murano. It's kind of sad that most younger generations have no interest in learning this skill. They really are artists and it would be horrible to see it just disappear.

The Grand Canal

Our Gondola ride. Something everyone has to do.

View from the old palace in Florence. It is right next to the large duomo. We had the choice of walking up hundreds of stairs to the top of that or a fraction of that and get this view. This was good enough for us.

Capri - I cannot possibly express how much I LOVED this island. LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED..... Like its between coming here and ever seeing your husband again. I would really have to take some time on that one.

The view from our hotel room in Capri.

A bunch of locals fishing off the docks - still in Capri.

Okay, enough pictures for today. If anyone is interested though I have a lot more, including a bunch of really cool ones from Pompeii.... Then again, they might get posted on here even if you're not interested. I am bored, and don't have any other interesting pictures that I can post at this time....


Jenny and Troy said...

Stace, what can I say..... I totally agree with you. Italy is incredible. I loved it there. We didn't go to some of the places you did but Rome & Venice were both so beautiful. You are making ME upset now...