Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Couple of Items

First of all, the referral contest, that only TWO people participated in... Here is my question, since I didn't actually get the "normal" type of referral, where the big surprise, unexpected phone call comes and they tell you who your child is, and we chose on our own, do I honor the contest? I would ask people to vote, but since I couldn't get any of your lazy asses to participate in the original contest, I won't hold my breath.

Wow, and I just had an elderly moment and totally forgot what the second thing was that I was going to mention..... Maybe it will come back to me later tonight and I will come back and add it in.

Not what I was originally thinking of, but.... Since we are no longer getting a baby, or baby range, I won't have any use for crib bedding...

So if anyone is interested.... There is the 4 piece crib set, the bumper, quilt, dust ruffle and fitted sheet, the lamp, and a hamper... I'm still iffy on whether or not I'll keep the hamper, but definitely not the other. So if anyone is interested in these, let me know. Never been opened!!



I added a new blog to the right, the Parker's Check out all of the pictures and video from their recent trip.


Jenny and Troy said...

I looked at that blog & to be honest it made me so excited for you, but it also freaked me out. When she said her daugher spit at her I almost died. It's going to be more challenging than I had realized for you to form this new bond & I never really grasped that. I know you will do it, don't get me wrong! But it was just very eye opening & emotional. But OMG what a gorgeous child. WOW. It was so beautiful to see how they kept trying to find ways to connect. Very cool, I really think you should bring a video camera too.