Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Kingdom for a Decent Picture

So one of the things that I still need to accomplish since accepting our referral is putting together a photo album that I will send to B. I ordered a talking photo album, which the kids apparently really like. You record little 10 second messages for each photo. Problem is, I am having trouble coming up with pictures to send.

I have found a few pictures of Cory by himself that are appropriate, but for me it is harder. I actually caved and used a couple of head shots from a photo shoot. I feel like that is kind of weird, like it could be taken as vain, but seriously, I have limited choices.

The problem is that I have so few pictures of Cory and I together. Typically we take pictures on vacation, which means that I am taking photos of him or vice versa. We have quite a few photos from Italy, even a few together, but the issue there is that my hair is VERY blonde. I don't want to confuse him and I doubt that he or the nannies are going to understand the concept of spending 3 hours every 4 weeks to radically change the color of your hair. In fact, I am being good right now and trying to keep my hair pretty much the same color so that the pictures I send look like me when I get there.

So I have 24 picture sleeves to fill and not that many pictures!! And I was told not to send more than one of the pets, because the dogs might scare him since they are not used to having pets like that there. And NO, I am not worried about him eating the dogs or wanting to eat the dogs when he gets here. They don't eat dog there (to the best of my knowledge) so I hope that clears it up for everyone!

At least trying to put together photos gives me something to do while we are waiting. I was telling Jessica today that I'm starting to act the same way I do when we plan a big vacation. I am always really excited when I book everything, a couple of months in advance, then not again until we are going to the airport. I seem to be that way now. Really excited with the referral and now..... ah. I think its my own internal gauge that keeps me from going nuts since I have NO patience.

Oh, we have also decided that we are not going to do the few days in Paris on the way over anymore, and are now just going to spend some extra time in Ethiopia and maybe do a short tour there. Go and see some of the historical sights or go to one of the national parks and check out the baboons. Not sure which yet.

Well, that's about it I think. Passed my Property and Casualty exam yesterday, so that is another good thing!


hannie said...

Ask Jenny to share some of her photos with you. She is the photo whore! ;)

Jenny and Troy said...

It would help if you took your camera WITH YOU. And I have LOTS of pics of you but you are typically NOT sober in 'em. The camera whore & the vodka whore....not a good combo for making a book for B. (Hopefully that is funny & not rude because I meant it only funny).HAHA