Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tagged Again .... by Amber

You're killing me here!!! I should just send everyone to your blog to see your new hair cut! ;) Just kidding. It doesn't look that bad, at least in the pictures. I would have to see it in person though.

So, here it goes. Sorry, I don't have any additional pictures to share on this one, but just look to the right. You'll get the idea.

My Husband....

What is his name? Cory John Nannemann

How long have you been married? It will be 5 years this September, but 11 years that we've been together in August. Don't ask me the specific date. A couple of days before the anniversary of Princess Diana dying. Romantic, huh?

How long did you date? I don't know that you would call it dating. The home study lady did though, so 6 years (living together though, I mean really??)

How old is he? 31 years old, 10 months and 4 days.

Who eats more? I'd like to say him, but who are we kidding. I'm the pig!!

Who said I love you first? That was a VERY long time ago and I am old.

Who is taller? Cory

Who can sing better? I don't think I've ever heard him try, so I guess that I win by default, but that is very slim margin, let me tell you. Maybe I should give him to him on second thought.

Who is smarter? I would say me at English, remembering things etc... Definitely him at anything spatial or mechanical. If there is measuring of any kind involved I don't even try!!!

Who does the laundry? Me! Unless it is towels or something else that would be difficult to mess up. I don't think that he is complaining though. He does fold well though. Just like Victoria's Secret.

Who pays the bills? Me.

Who sleeps on the right side? Me

Who mows the lawn? Cory, although I am a hell of a weed puller and mulcher.

Who cooks dinner?
Depends. More often than not, what I am sure is an underpaid cook at any one of a number of local restaurants. At home, no one in particular, but usually me, by default of actually having the time.

Who drives? Me most of the time. I get car sick as a passenger!

Who is more stubborn? Me. Let's just leave it at that.

Who kissed who first? That I think he made the first move on.

Who asked who out first? I hit on Cory, in a bar.

Who proposed?
There was no proposal. I just decided I wanted gifts, Cory told me to find a ring, I did, some diamond broker in NY, and when the FedEx came, I ripped into and opened the ring box myself. I think that I said something like Will You Marry Me, to the ring. It was shiny!!!

Who is more sensitive?
Neither of us.

Who has more siblings? Cory definitely, but we really only see mine.

Who wears the pants? I have some on today, and I would imagine that Cory does as well, or else Heather is in for quite a surprise when he shows up to get his hair cut.

I tag Jessica, Stacie, Jamie... and whoever else would like to participate. Let me know if you actually do though, I forget to follow up on it sometimes.


andreawilliams said...

I have been reading your blog and after reading your last survey from being tagged I thought that I would fess us.I blog stalk people too!! I found your blog through other adoptive familes blogs.
Have a good day!!