Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Posts in One Day

Talking about vacation made me start to think about today, and that, plus all of the pictures that Jenny already has on her new blog made me look up a few from an old vacation and so...

On Papeete looking at Moorea - wish I was there!!!

Look at those little urchins. The little snots would move out from under our deck every night and then go back under during the day. You had to be very careful when you got in the water!

Just a couple of pictures of my favorite beach vacation ever! I loved having the over water bungalow and the lack of sand that came with that. That is the one thing that I don't really like about going to the beach. Sand everyone. Sand in places your not even aware of. Definitely won't have to worry about that in Prague!

This is me on the South Island in New Zealand getting up close in person with a cute sea lion. Right after Cory snapped this one the seal showed me what big teeth he has, oh my, and let me know that I was definitely getting into his personal space. That is when I realized that I was one of those dumbasses at Yellow Stone trying to get an up close picture of a buffalo, moose..take your pick.

For those of you who like New Zealand wine, this is what it looks like before. =) For those of you who haven't had it, I highly recommend it. They have great Sauvignon Blancs and good Pinots too. Actually, I have not really had a bad wine from there. It is just so clean too. The air is clean and the produce is insane. We picked up sandwiches from a mall sandwich shop one day and at first I thought that there was a special sauce on mine, it was just soooo good. It was the tomatoes!!! OMG! So good. Well, I think that's enough pictures for one day. I just realized my blog was getting a little boring.

I lied, one more!!!!

Cory and I out in the rain, fishing for fresh water shrimp. We didn't catch any, too cold for them apparently, but lucky for us the restaurant right behind us had plenty!
Two more....

Yummy New Zealand Elk... I also have pictures from the elk farm right down the road. Kind of an unintentional before and after. That's it. I don't share pictures all that often though so I'm growing!


JAWR-G said...

FUN! I am jealous!