Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Thanks a lot Amber! She tagged me and it is one of those tags that don't ask you specific questions that you can give one word answers to, but you actually have to think on your own for. Hard!

The rules are, each player must post 6 facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Here goes nothing....

1.) First of all let's cover the guilty pleasures. I watch soap operas. Two to be exact, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. I Tivo them and watch them when there is nothing on the Food Network. Not exactly something that you can discuss at parties.

2.) I love Prince! Almost any Prince song will work, and I know the words to most of them too. Pop in a CD, except for his new one and I can sing along, badly as far as carrying a tune, but well as far as repeating the words is concerned.

3.) I am a bloggin voyeur. The truth is that most of the blogs I read, are people who I do not know, never have known and they do not know me. I have been following some for a year or more, but they don't know it. Its almost like I'm a stalker, just peaking in through the window without them knowing. It's going to be tough for me to tag six more people.

4.) I count things in 3's. Meaning if I read a sentence I try to add up the letters or numbers into a multiple of three. I try to find a way to do that with straight numbers too, prices, phone numbers, etc... No OCD here! I also split up my candy into the same colors, like with skittles, and then eat from each group until they are all even numbers then one from each different color. I don't like the greens so that is very tough for me.

5.) I like to shop. I know most people do, but for me it is almost like a competetive sport. My favorite is clothes. I don't really care so much about household items, I want something that I can use during the day. And I find it easier to buy something new than do laundry or send out the dry cleaning. I love wearing new clothes, and with most of them, a time or two into it and I'm not that crazy about them any more. I have a problem. Not a big secret to most people who know me though.

6.) As much of a girly girl as I am with shopping, nails, facials etc, I also love camping and fishing just as much. If I could talk Cory into it I would love to do more outdoor activities, like snow shoeing. Of course, followed by a long leisurely dinner, with a good bottle of wine and an appetizer with goat cheese, maybe some fois gras... I know, I'm strange.

Okay, for tagging... This one is tough because I don't know where I put Jessica's blog address. Just consider yourself tagged, okay. The other 5, the Dalai Mama, Battle Station, Habesha Child, Stacie, and Axum..... And I want to apologize to them here now as well, since, as I mentioned, only a couple of them have any clue whatsoever as to who I am.


Stacie said...

Oh, so you're a blog lurker! :) I will work on my tag - it might take me a while b/c I have another one to work on that involves scanning old pictures... should be interesting! Oh, and your doggies are the cutest! :)

habesha child said...

Hey Stacy! No worries about tagging people you don't "know" - not that many of us in the blogosphere have ever actually met each other in the real world

But you have to start leaving comments for people so they know who you are! :-)

Thanks for the tag - I'll get right on it (which means, I'll do my best to do it sometime soon!!)

JAWR-G said...

Great little tid-bits about yourself! You are always welcome to pass your unwanted clothing to me. I am not against hand-me-downs! Oh and bad news...tag your it for the husband game! See my blog for the details. Hope you are doing well! HA HA! Amber