Friday, February 15, 2008


So I'm just sitting here today, the fourth day of being umemployed, listening to the Stanley Steemer guys vainly try to clean the urine out of the carpet, at $700!, and the urine causers whine and cry from their kennels, because it is just so difficult to stay in there for a couple of hours with people in the house. Oh, the inhumanity!!!!

We're leaving for Cabo on Sunday, which will be kind of nice. Even though I really like the snow, that last storm was a little annoying. Wednesday night, the road to our house was closed, so I guess that it is a good thing we already had plans that night!!! It was opened by the time we came back, but we were both scraping the bottoms of our vehicles along the snow coming down our street (my Jeep and the half ton Dodge Cory was driving) so he had to snow blow before we could get in the driveway. Of the 3 winters we've been up here, this has definitely been the heaviest snow we've had.

Oh, I also entered Shelby into a photo contest on the Humane Society website, so if anyone has not already gotten my email, go here to vote for her.

Wednesday morning we went to get our fingerprints done, and other than my sore wrist getting jerked around, it was fairly painless. We also needed to re write our statement of reason for our dossier, did that and it is okay now, just need to get it notarized and sent back in. Other than that though, everything is going pretty smoothly.

Oh, and I bought a crib. I know, way to jump the gun, but we figured if for any reason at all we don't need it or change our minds, an unused crib should go pretty quickly on


Christie said...

You bought a crib? Holy shit! You're really serious about this aren't you?