Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nothing Special

Well, I have been a very bad blogger. And since I can't really think of a great story at the moment, you're getting pictures. Actually, I probably could come up with some stories, in conjunction with the pictures, however, I need to actually get some work done. I know, lame.

What a big dog Boko!! On the Saturday before Easter we went to the Children's Museum in Denver and they had the great dane rescue outside. That one weighed as much as me and was still 30 lbs underweight!! If I didn't have the circus in my house I would have totally brought home Moose!!!

Boko LOVES Bonnie's baby. He talks about her at least every other day. Who knows? What do you think Bonnie? Mother in laws? We'd have a great time together! ;)

Cheese!!! Thanks Christie and Ryan for all my cool Easter gifts.

The Denver aquarium is awesome!! They have a ton of cool animals. Sharks and tigers.... Need I say more. But they also have a bar. With a big huge aquarium window. So once you go through the whole aquarium, mommy and daddy can sit down for happy hour and the little ones can glue their faces to the aquarium window. Then, they have this scuba diver swimming through the tank and he comes up and interacts with the kids.

Petting the baby sting rays and feeding them too. Watch out for the teeth though!! Yes, they do have them.

Oh and not that she is reading this, but Ashley is in Ethiopia picking up her little cutie and I hope that they are having a great time!!!