Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks for the Soccer Help!!

Thanks to replies, and specifically Jessica's, we are now registered for soccer. The thing is that it only lasts for one month though, the end of April to the end of May. That seemed kind of odd to me. But I can't really remember things perfectly from when I was that age.

Shan, thanks for the suggestion, but I think that is a bit too far for me!!! ;) The one I signed up for is somewhere over here on South Mountain. I will have to figure that out as I have never had a reason to go to any of these types of places before - little kid soccer fields, the public pool, etc......

And not at all on topic, some more pictures.

First day of school

Jenny and Boko hanging out.

Helping daddy shovel the driveway.

Happy Valentine's Day Boko!

Mom, look at the school clothes we bought today!


hannie bailey said...

HOLY SHIT! You got beat up! I am excited to see you tomorrow! It has been too long!

MEGAN said...

He is beautiful! It's the first time I have seen your little man! congratulations!