Monday, March 9, 2009

My Kingdom for a Soccer Team!!

Does anyone know of soccer teams in the south end of the valley here?? Seriously, how can it be this hard to find a soccer team for 4/5 year olds in breeding central? AHHH!!

And what everyone really wants, some pictures. As we all know I am a complete slacker when it comes to photos. And although we have been taking a lot since we've been home, none of the super recent ones are downloaded. So here are some others from earlier this year. And FYI, we have only been home for like two months, so its not like they're that old and technically they are new to all of you so =)~

These are all from the limited time that we had him at the hotel with us - remote controls and light switches - Like toddler crack with a side car of Patron!!! Boko's first glass of wine.... Come on, seriously? They poured the water in there. Come on people. Sleeping on the floor at the Minneapolis airport. Not an easy thing for mommy to allow to happen and finally, entertaining ourselves by doing laps around the luggage carousel while we waited for Cory to bring the car back. Oh yah honey, forgot that my phone died, so extra laps because he thought we would be watching for him in the dark, out there in that 3rd lane of pickup at the SL airport, or even more genius, waiting outside on the curb!! Yes Boko, welcome to the 8th level of hell (Isn't that the cold one or was it 9???)

Chillin' with the doggies followed by self portraits.


Shandell said...

He is so cute!!!
Austin (Taryn's Dad-Macy's BFF) and I are going to be coaching Macy and Taryn's soccer team this year. We play games out in Herriman and we are looking for people we know to be on our team so if you are willing to drive let me know!!

Lori said...

So, I read "breeding central" just as I was taking a drink of milk and just about snorted it out of my nose I laughed so hard! I needed that!

I know I am late for soccer, but we have been going through the rec centers. Dimple Dell is closest to me, but there are others, and they tend to have soccer a good bit of the year. We have our first indoor game tomorrow. :)