Monday, August 11, 2008

Taste of the Nation

Last Sunday we went up to Solitude to attend the Taste of the Nation. This is an event held in cities across the country to raise money for people here in the states who can barely make ends meet. Basically, in honor of those who cannot afford Spam, the rest of us spend $x to go to an event where 40 or 50 local restaurants come together and create a tasting to represent their establishment. You go from tent to tent, and back as many times as you want, getting helpings of things like steak tartare, paella, corn chowder, mole's, awesome seared tuna, cupcakes, ice cream, etc... As well as all you can drink wine and beer. I know that in some places they have a mixologist.

I highly recommend attending this. The silent auction was pretty cool too. We walked away with a 100 year old bottle of balsamic vinegar and a limited edition Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat cookie jar, a ton of cookies and brownies from Mrs. Fields, a cute little Dr. Seuss lunch box, and pail, which probably end up as a trash can for the upcoming midget.

It was definitely a good time though and kid friendly as well. You're outside the whole time and its just a nice summer afternoon - for a good cause.


Jenny and Troy said...

kid friendly??? WHO ARE YOU? I remember when you would tell every waitress to seat us as far away from the children as possible. My my my, how the times have changed! :)