Monday, August 4, 2008

Canine Casino Night

So last Friday my friend Jenny and I each took one of our dogs to No More Homeless Pets Canine Casino night. Its a fundraiser for homeless pets, in case you didn't catch that already.

It was great, dogs everywhere, a lot of them dressed up. Shelby wore a pink dress with a rhinestone skull and cross bone on the back, and Molly, Jenny's Boston Terrier, wore her wife beater with shiny Playboy bunnies all over it. For $35 everyone took their dogs to the Radisson, destroyed a ball room in the only way a room full of usually potty trained dogs who just met each other can, and drank so so drinks and had so so hors d'oeuvres. It really was fun though. We didn't ever get around to playing any of the casino games, but we hit the silent and live auction. I walked away with a gift certificate to Fleming's from the silent auction an Jenny got a day at doggy camp. In the live auction Jenny paddled us into another Fleming's gift certificate and tickets to the Slippery Kittens Burlesque show. If you go to this photo gallery, you can see all the cute doggies, including Shelby and Molly, and their great costumes. Check out the chihuahua, it was barely 2 pounds.

And everything went to a good cause. So if you ever have the chance to attend one of these, I fully recommend you do so!!!


Jenny and Troy said...

Well, I can back Stacy up that we had a great time at the doggy casino event. Shelby was a little princess, right up until she WASN'T (that puppy had it coming!), and Molly had so much fun she was eventually sound asleep on top of our table. They were so cute though, and what a great cause. Stace & I were discussing going out for sushi after it wrapped up, but by that time we were both literally exhausted! Had to grab Wendy's & crash. But anyway, our computer has been down & out so I have not downloaded the pics yet but they are coming. So is the video of Shelby the Puppy Terminator. :)))