Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's Official

So, finally. The social worker emailed me today and said that our home study was approved by their committee as well as our placement agency. So now she will be getting it notarized Tuesday and in the mail to me!! Yay. So I made an appointment at USCIS to file our I-600A form on the 29th. But we don't need that approval to send in our dossier, so once I take pictures of the front of the house, and inside, I just have to put together our photo pages (we went and got the passport sized ones at Walgreen's today) and send it off.

When I told Cory that is all we had left to do he was a little shocked. "Isn't that the one that everyone says takes forever to put together?" Why yes it is honey, you're wife is on top of her shit.

Why aren't the photos of the house already done? Such a small thing??? Well, when I went outside to take a photo of the front of our house yesterday I went through the front doors. No doggies got by me. Front door closed securely, check. Walk out to street, get house positioned in frame, about to snap picture and two small white dogs, that look amazingly similar to Shelby and Sake go running through the frame and up the street. I stand there confused. I'm the only one home, what could have happened?

But there were only two, a chance to catch the third. As I try to run back through the snow and ice, Chivas comes running out. I say Chivas! He looks at me, pauses for split second, he doesn't like the cold and I could see that he would rather stay in the house. Obviously he was a good 20 seconds behind the other two, so running away was not his first choice for a Saturday afternoon. Then I see it, the fear of peer pressure. If he stays the girls will never let him live it down, so he runs off.

I go into the house, put away the few cold items that I had from grocery shopping really quick, leave the others on the floor, and get three leashes and start walking up the street. Make it all the way up, and part way down the next street. At this time I realize that it is freaking cold!!!! Bitter cold!!! And I of course did not grab my gloves. No sign of dogs and the little kids out sledding have not seen them either, but promise to look for them as do neighbors from up the street who I have met twice but do not recognize me with new haircut/color. No offense taken. People I see on a day to day basis have trouble keeping track of what I look like. They also promise to look for said dogs.

Now it is time to get in the car and look for the kids... (I'm starting to really think about what Jessica said about me being a single parent at this point)

Off in the car for what I think will be a quick search and retrieve mission, after all their little paws will be getting cold.... Not so much. Think Gilligan's Island. They expected to go out for a three hour tour, and x number of years later, there they are on that stupid island. Well, I thought mine would be a 15 minute jaunt, turned into 3.5 hours of gas sucking, back aching, haven't eaten since my cereal this morning and I worked out with Sheri HELL!!!!

Now, it is time for me to make my avatar (sp?) on the Wii, so I will continue this tomorrow for anyone who is interested...