Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Understand I Probably Asked For It...

Recently, I added my blog to a list of adoption blogs for Ethiopia. I did this for the benefit of anyone else who is adopting, assuming that anyone can actually find something useful in my senseless chatter. So it's out there and somewhat public. For this reason I have also removed a few items that had previously been in posts, some of you might notice.

Now I fully expect that anyone can read our blog now. I don't have it password protected or anything, and I don't mind. I put it out there after all!!! And I do want comments from anyone who stops by. Its interesting to hear from people I know and new people.

However, I would respectfully ask that you not use my comments section as a classifieds page. Today someone had posted information about a book he had written. Apparently he has discovered the meaning of life and can't wait to share it with everyone. Now I won't go into all of the details on why I would not read a book like this, such as, your meaning to life is not necessarily my meaning of life so I don't care... But I would ask that You not peddle it on my blog. And the same for anyone else who has some great discovery or message that they would like to get out to the masses. Call Oprah, the Today show, or Howard Stern. I don't care, but don't post it in my comments section.

I'm so mean aren't I?? ;)


Jenny and Troy said...

LMFAO I was looking for that post you put in a long time ago about Cory losing the camera charger, and I came across this. Somehow I had not ever read this but it was FUNNNNNNAYYYYYY.