Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Failing Miserably

Yah, that whole last post about being a better blogger. I was just kidding! Obviously. Where in the hell does a month and a half go? Oh yah, I know, work, Boko, his birthday, crazy ass drama filled funeral, work, soccer, a few nights lost to vino and vodka, and that should just about cover it. Oh yah, let's not forget a couple of dog fights. What kind of market do you think there is for a canine version of Fight Club, with Shelby in Edward Norton's role and Sake in Brad Pitt's?

At this point in time it is kind of tough to even come up with what I want to blog about. I suppose top of mind for me lately is work, so I'll go ahead and make a completely self-serving and obvious pitch for myself. I can always use some more business, so if anyone out there has a company and would like to offer additional benefits for their employees, at no cost to the company, let me know. If anyone wants some additional, and very affordable coverage for themselves, maternity pre-planning anyone, please let me know. Remember, the whole point of Aflac is that it pays you cash.

Okay, that will be it for tonight. I don't want people to be completely annoyed with me for my blatant sales efforts. I'll do it in small doses from time to time!

How about some pictures, since its been so long?

I can't remember if I've posted this one before or not, but oh well. Boko STILL asks about Bonnie's baby.


Why am I posting such an unflattering photo of myself? I guess I just feel like I should prove that I am not completely crazy for keeping these menaces.

Old photo, I know. Like March. His hair is sooo much longer now. I obviously need to download some photos from the camera!