Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm trying to remember if we met Boko on Saturday or Sunday. And I am fairly sure that it was on Saturday afternoon. I'm sure now that I think about it.

So Sunday, we got up, had some breakfast and then went over to the kid's house as soon as we could. When you get there, the kids are all up, they've already had breakfast and they are figuring out what they will be doing for the day. Although we saw the nannies occasionally have a group get together and sing or something (usually with the younger kids) we never saw anything that resembled school in the time that we were there.

On this second day, we had more balloons, of course more candy (caramello but quiet on the r... Best way I can think to explain what it sounded like). We also brought beach balls with us. This is where Boko finally started playing with me and thinking that I might be okay. We would hit the balloon or the ball, whichever he had, back and forth, over and over and over again. He was amused though! Not that easily amused any more. He also started learning that he could knock things up onto the roof of their sleeping area. This was the best thing ever, especially since balloons and balls usually came back down. From the looks of that roof, they had gotten a kick out of throwing LOTS of things up there.

I hate to say it, but this is really as exciting as it gets. Playing with the kids, trying not to be completely covered in snot, or catch ringworm. There were a couple of adorable little boys who wanted to play and cuddle, but I noticed that their heads were covered in ringworm. I loved it when one of the parents said, Oh, don't worry about it, usually it only effects people who are susceptible. You'll be fine.
Well..... HAD it! BAD!! December through February of my freshman year in college. I had it in MY EYE!!! So as adorable as you little rugrats are, get the HELL off my lap. Where are the disinfecting wipes??? Which, by the way, I had on me at all times while we were there. I used packages of these things. Lots of them. Which leads me to another thought. Also glad that I had toilet paper here too, as the bathrooms in the second guest house never had any - could have just been the time that we were there.

For anyone who is interested, the Indian restaurant in the Sheraton is awesome. We really liked. This was the first day that we went in and had lunch there. Once again, did the nice relaxing bottle of wine and hung out for a while. Why not, we had HOURS while they were napping.

Yes, these are all from the same day. He likes his clothing changes!