Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know I am and I promise that I am working on the next post in our trip, but I just haven't seemed to have a moment where I can fully concentrate on it.

Been a little busy with Boko, my crappy job, regular things, and then of course Shelby and Sake have decided that one or the other must die. This has come about in the last two days and it is out of control. Even with muzzles on they try to beat each other into the floor. I have never seen anything like this and I'm hoping my vet is on the prozac/lithium boat because I am running out of ideas short of leaving them muzzled/kenneled forever. AHHHHHH!!!!


Jenny and Troy said...

Maybe you need to seriously consider a pet psychiatrist???I know it sounds silly but Diana did it when her dog was being very aggressive with Gentry after he first moved in. Changing a few things in the household made a huge difference, it has to do with establishing dominance, so maybe they would have techniques you could try to get the dogs in some sort of a pecking order that would work??? I wish I were there, to help out in any way or at least take you drinking/shopping every once in a while. =(

hannie bailey said...

My bro and sis in law have their cat on prozac. Never a dull moment at your house!