Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I realize that I have gotten totally behind on the polls. I had intended to do one every week, and that lasted all of two weeks. Big shock, ey?

I will put it on my to do list for this weekend to come up with something at least semi-interesting.

In the meantime, the baby pool is sucking it up. There are only two people over there. Now I realize that Christie and Jenny are good with those odds, but come on!!! Where are my gamblers?


Camera Update

After my first camera was mercilessly smashed to bits in a dimly lit bathroom in a tiny bar in Prague - Yah, sugar packet, ha! I purchased another camera. This was on April 22. I bought it on line from Best Buy and during the checkout process was given the option of purchasing the warranty for Accidental Damage. Considering the demise of the previous camera, I thought that this would be wise. It lasted for 2 years.

Well, here we are 3 months later, and that is the best $30 I have spent in a long time. I took the camera and accompanying pieces into Best Buy today, and the woman at customer service took me to the Geek Squad. They were quite impressed with the state of the poor camera. After having me sign it into their care, one of the geeks said, "That should be ready in 2-3 weeks..... that's if they can even fix it." He sounded doubtful.. So I confirmed, "What happens if they CAN'T fix it"... "It'll be replaced." Fantastic!!! Happy customer.

Oh, and here's another little aside on the camera epic... Last night I was hosting a Liv Fit (SXinney) Party at my house. I wanted to use Cory's camera, since mine is broken and all. Well of course his is not charged. I put it in the docking port by the computer, and no lights come on. Keep in mind this is more Cory's PC than mine and behind the desk is a jungle of cords that no sane person would risk putting an appendage into. So I call him at work.
"Hey honey, the light is not coming on. Don't I just plug it in...?

Cory: "Yes, but it might not be working...."

Me: "Ok, why? And what is my alternate course of action"

Cory: "I unplugged it all when we went to Prague. I plugged it back in but not all the way..."

Me: "......" there is nothing to say.

Cory: "Use the cord that plugs into it its right there"

Me: "Right where, there are LOTS of cords here"

Cory: "Its black with grayish, and its got another thing on it, then it plugs into the camera.."

I am getting very irritated at this point needless to say. This is not the only thing that I have to do. I start looking under all the crap that is accumulated up there and finally find it, as he is still going on and on trying to describe with all sorts of helpful words and phrases like, "you know, the thingy, gray, black, like the computer"

I finally find it, and do you want to know what he said to me.... Divorces happen over less than this.

He says....

Well if you'd quit breaking your cameras you wouldn't have to be using mine.....

Thought he was funny.

Thought he was real funny.

You know how they show dams or other large objects in movies when they are about to break. Its all quiet and then they explode.

Yah, it was kind of like that.

What the #$#@%$@$@$@$#!!!???????? I HAVE NOT BROKEN ONE #$@$# CAMERA!!! And correct me if I'm wrong but every one that has been broken has been by someone with a penis!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Of course, you can hear him trying to cover up the phone laughing his ass off on the other end. yah.


hannie said...

I love your descriptivies. I am very entertained!

Jenny & Troy said...

Stace, I can picture every single second of that exchange. SO funny. Gotta love that wacky husband of yours, he always keeps you on your toes!