Monday, June 16, 2008

Nothing Exciting

Nothing has really been going on. On the adoption front, obviously we are still waiting and will be for some time. Actually, on our updates from the agency that we get each week, it seems as though they are getting a lot of referrals and people who have requested a child in the same age range as us seem to be moving along pretty steadily. It concerns me a bit that we could get a referral earlier than I had anticipated. Just by way of, Jenny needs to get her painting clothes on again and get working on his room... ;) While I sit and drink wine and watch, since I'm not good at ANY of that. I even got taken off of taping duty when we did the kitchen. Which by the way, I still have not done the touch ups on... Oops! And Cory needs to do the floor up there still too. Kids are just work work work, and he's not even here yet! ;) j/k. We all know that the carpet had much to do with puppy pee a lots.

Other than that, Cory is working all the time, of course.. I'm still at the same place, shocking I know, and I was supposed to be in DC this week, but that was cancelled, but still going to San Francisco at the end of the month... That is it. We are dull. I was even considering planting some things in the yard. How domesticated is that!!! Then again, I don't know what the sentencing is like these days for knowingly killing a plant that could have actually gone to a good home. I have a bit of a black thumb.

Oh, hey though, if there is anyone reading this who didn't get an invite to the Margarita Party next month, or heck, anyone who reads it who will be out this way, let me know! With all of my job hopping, email addresses have gotten lost!

I'll try and remember to take photos of the room Cory is almost done with!


T-Dog & JRo said...

I am at your beck & call. :)