Thursday, December 27, 2007

In case anyone is still reading....

I haven't posted in forever because there really hasn't been anything to post.

I started the new job on the 17th - last time I ever start a new job around the holidays... Not that I plan on starting another job Jessica...

Christmas was good. Presents were great. I won't go into a big list, but I think we all got most of what we wanted. ;) Other than Shelby and Sake trying to kill each other - hey first time in 3 months! - everything was good. We have tons of snow here too. Our street is down to one lane pretty much.

As far as the adoption goes, well, its not. I put things on hold with the placement agency until we hear back on the background check. When I told the case worker in Massachusetts, where WHFC is, what was happening, she sounded a little shocked. I just told her welcome to Utah. So obviously I am feeling a little discouraged about the whole thing. This better not be some sort of a sign that I am supposed to have one of my own, because that whole pregnancy thing still doesn't strike me as natural!!! ;)

Hopefully we'll hear something soon. This year would be nice..