Saturday, November 3, 2007

Still waiting...

I suppose this is the nature of the beast, but it does seem to be taking quite a while for our background checks to come back.... It's not like we've done that many bad things. ;)

Once we get that back though, our caseworker has told me that she works fast, and will get the homestudy done quickly. We just need one mere reference to be returned as well. That one is one of Cory's jobs, so I'm sure it will be done soon. hee hee.

The social worker from the placement agency asked me how the dogs were going to deal with a child in the house. I am optimistic.... Although Tigger may pack his catnip and move out.

Halloween went pretty smoothly this year. No blood. Sake and Chivas were tied up and all three had a little puppy valium beforehand, but it went well. Shelby only scared one child, all 12 lbs of her. I don't get it. Other than that she just kept doing her cute little chipmunk pose until kids got close enough for her to get her front paws on their bags of candy. Smart girl.